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Opportunists in outside Kerala dioceses

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  • Johnson Joseph
    Dear members, When I gone through the forum archives, I had a chance to read the message I am a Jacobite - For getting admission in CMC Vellore . I would like
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2005
      Dear members,

      When I gone through the forum archives, I had a chance to read the message "I am a Jacobite - For getting admission in CMC Vellore". I would like to bring out a similar issue in outside kerala dioceses.

      In Baroda, the IOC have a big church and parish of 500+ strength, 3 chapels, and 3 Higher Secondary Schools. Sad to say, above 50% of the parish members are "Jacobites", but clinging there because their
      children get free education, free school bus services etc. We cannot blame them since education here is a very costly affair and all working people cannot afford it. What we have is a big ZERO in terms of money or might, but a true spiritual team of 7-8 families. The holy services are conducted in a Prayer Hall on the second floor of our achan's house itself twice a month. The first batch of Mar Athanasius Sunday School is also going well but yet to be affiliated to MJSSA. Our St. Paul's prayer group conducts a meeting every month at our members' houses or at our well wishers' from other communities.

      We pray to the God, the Almighty and request everybody to extend their hands to support us to acquire a piece of land in Baroda to have a place of worship of our own and sustain the name of our holy church in Gujarat.

      I am much worried about the devilish acts of the defected bishops' and party to lure the preists and create problems in parishes. For example, Fr. John Moolamattom the problem creator in Kannyattunirappu
      church, is basically an ill minded person and it was a mistake of our fathers to give him preisthood. His father is also a preist at Nechur church and he is with us. The son calls the father mad!!! Dr. Thomas Mor Athanasius had denied to ordain this very same John Moolamattom as a deacon, but his father got him ordained from another Bishop and now the villain is very very close to Dr. Athanasius. It is a fact that the non committed group of priests is the curse of our church. I feel the gurukulam era was better than the new syllabus in our Seminary because most of the defected and lured priests are the seminary alumnis only.

      Let us hope that the new Catholicose at the helms of affairs at Devalokam will come forward to settle the disputes amicably and end this century old litigations and toring the body of Jesus in Court rooms and Streets.

      Yours brother in Christ,
      Johnson Joseph
      Member ID # 2335
      Note from the Moderators:

      We are positive to all your comments other than the Seminary Alumi. There are hundreds of Seminari Alumi standing firm for the church. There was a thinking when the defected bishops were Ph.Ds, we should not have anymore educated bishops. We came to know that this Fr. Moolamattom was not at all a regular student there at the Seminary. He was trained in a special batch to cover up the ineligibility. Proper Seminary formation is a must for all priest and general education is as essential as anything else. Don't mix quality of education with defection.
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