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Several Injured as Religious Violence Rocks India's Punjap state

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  • SOCM News Bureau
    NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)-- Local authorities in India s northern state of Punjab have beefed up security around all churches in Jalandhar district where
    Message 1 of 3394 , Sep 28, 2005
      NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)-- Local authorities in India's northern state
      of Punjab have beefed up security around all churches in Jalandhar district
      where several people were injured in clashes between Christian and Hindu
      activists, BosNewsLife learned Wednesday, September 28.

      Clashes between members of the Punjab Christian Movement (PCM) and the
      influential hard-line Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) broke
      out September 26 after
      Hindu activists tried to prevent a PCM demonstration, Indian news reports

      RSS activists and their supporters demanded a halt to a PCM protest rally
      against the upcoming visit of RSS chief K.C. Sudershan to a local school in
      the area on October 2, reported the Tribune, a regional newspaper.

      The PCM is a political group with a few local Christians among its members.
      Both sides reportedly indulged in stone-pelting when members of the PCM were
      marching from Company Bagh towards the office of the Deputy Commissioner to
      submit a protest petition.


      A Christian woman activist allegedly sustained a head injury, and two local
      leaders of the RSS received injuries on their backs and faces during the
      clash, said the Tribune. Apparently expecting "attacks on the churches,
      security had been beefed up around all churches, including those in the
      rural areas," of Jalandhar district the Tribune said.

      However in a development that was expected to worry Christians, the Senior
      Superintendent of Police, Mr. Ishwar Singh, filed criminal charges against
      five PCM members including its president Hamid Masih, and activists Surinder
      Gill, Anil Kumar, Freddy Joseph and Lal Chand, the BosNewsLife New Delhi
      Bureau established.

      Hindu leaders have also warned to take tough actions against Christians.


      Indian news organization New Kerala quoted Chhavi Bhasker Bhardwaj, convener
      of the Punjab unit of the Hindu group Hindu Bajrang Dal as saying his
      organization "will be forced to take the extreme step of announcing an
      economic boycott of Christians" if "a stern action" was not taken against
      the Christian group by authorities.

      Bajrang Dal is the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or World Hindu
      Council, which has been linked to several attacks against Christians in the
      past. In a statement obtained by BosNewsLife, the Catholic Church of
      Jalandhar district on September 27 expressed "sympathy towards all those
      injured in the clash between members of the RSS and the PCM."

      It said the incident was "unfortunate and uncalled for." Hindu militant
      violence against Christians have spread throughout India in recent months.
      On September 22, for instance, Hindu extremists attacked and threatened
      several Christians in the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh state, accusing
      them of desecrating a Hindu idol, Compass Direct news agency reported. One
      Christian was reportedly admitted to a hospital with serious injuries, while
      another was detained at the Kalyanpura police station for over 32 hours.

      Most of India's over one billion people are Hindus, but advocacy groups say
      Hindu organizations are concerned over the growing number of Christian
      churches in the country. They have accused missionaries and churches of
      "forced conversions", charges especially evangelical believers strongly
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