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IMP : To Ronnie and all members

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  • Mr Gigi Thomas
    Dear Ronnie, First of all i appreciate u as a warrior. But i have something for u to think, study and analyze. I think i am answering some of your arguments in
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2005
      Dear Ronnie,

      First of all i appreciate u as a warrior. But i have something for u to think, study and analyze. I think i am answering some of your
      arguments in this.

      In one of your postings, when u didn't have any point to argue, you were saying that Orthodox church is good at bringing money from USA, UAE etc. Thats exactly ur church is doing. Nothing spiritual, everything material. You have a feeling that Indian Churches are depending and meeting their daily expenses with the money from abroad only. You have to understand that abroad money flow started only from last 35 years or so. Its great that our people going abroad and earning money for the well being. Christianity and Churches are operating from 2000 years in Kerala and around the globe.

      Please understand that ur church is good only as a money spinning organization and there are "BLESSED" and "GIFTED" tycoons to drag the church in that direction. Greedy People are always willing to ditch their Father to make more money.

      IOC's HH's 90 lakh is gone when a blade company bursted in Kottayam. This is the state of the head of a Church who is saying he believes only in the APEX COURT (Supreme Court) of India and obeys the LAW OF THE LAND and not following the GOD GIVEN WISDOM and Christian values. Non Christian JUDGES are having the opportunity to make millions playing over somebody else's beliefs. Thats the final outcome of "Sabha Case". There's no point in proclaiming the word of GOD without practicing atleast 50% of it. I feel pity on the people following these kind of churches.

      Every IOC member is proud at the ability and paramparyam of Manorama paper and all PLANETS are revolving around this in ur Church. "Viswaasathinte Paaramparyam" vitta Manorama's own brainchild
      Integrated Finance Company cheated poor peoples sweating. According to all other kerala medias reporting, around 500 crore of Central Travancore people's money is washed away by this blade bursting. Investors of IFC includes poor farmers, Orthodox faithfuls, NRI's and even Manorama employees itself. Every one who reads news paper in Kerala still remember like yesterday about the advertisements of IFC, projecting itself as a brainchild of Manorama, MRF and OEN. Now Manorama is saying like Karunakaran's statements. What IFC? Which IFC? Whose IFC? You couldn't find a news in Manorama about the happenings in Integrated Finance Company. 90% of Investors of IFC are from Central Travancore and the investors meet was conducted by IFC in a remote place in Chennai so that poor investors can't reach for the voting. For IFC court cases are not in Kerala courts or Supreme courts. Its in Chennai court. Funny!!

      All these EARTHLY gains are momentary or "naimishikam". We are living around max 80 years of world history and if we study the fate of earthly manipulated establishments we can understand how long they can operate.

      You can see Man Made throne like this in URL http://www.marthomasyrianchurch.org/heritage.htm (Courtesy: George Aramath).

      This is the Malankara throne according to Marthoma church. IOC is saying they also have a Malankara throne. I am really confused and puzzled with "THRONE CLONING". I pray that no more throne will come up.

      How can Catholicate establish in India? Was it a Material or Physical entity to transfer from Iraq? How can it be established by a "Mudakkiya" Patriarch. Here I am asking a question to our members. I don't know whether its true or not. There's saying in central Travancore that excommunicated Bishop Abdul Messiha had mental ailments and he was locked in Niranom during Catholicate installation in 1912. Others are saying that Abdul Messiha was locked forcefully to install the Catholicate here. I would appreciate any knowledgeful person clarifying this.

      Actually what happened is the personal issue of few individuals, became a devastating force over a century. Egos and "njaan piditcha muyalinu moonnu kombu" attitude grown up. CHURCH IS IN THE DISPOSAL OF SOME BUSINESS TYCOONS AND INDUVIDUALS WHOSE BARGAINING POWER NEEDS A COMMUNITY'S SUPPORT. Somebody needs dedicated lawyers and having lawyers in their pockets with the money of the church and utilizing the same lawyers for their business disputes. Very nice Clientele Management. Refer to the meeting of your Catholicose with your advocate F.S. Nariman, as reported in Malankara Nazrani. As per the report, Nariman refused to talk to your Catholicos and asked him to report any Church case matter to the Manorama Chief Editor only and not to come again to meet him!! So many in IOC are benefitting from the course cases and others are forcefully dragged to this. Kadha Ariyathe Aattam Kaanunnavar aanu majority. If we ask why u are a follower of IOC, the answer would be "i didn't want to move away from my Local Parish even if it is ruled by Satan or Appurathe Veettile Chackochan poyi njaanum poyi".

      In the early half of 20th century it was easy to deceive people. Communication systems were weak and decision was taken by "Sthalathe Pradhaana Aaal". 80% of the people are "Kadha ariyaathe aattam kaanuka aanu".

      I dont see Christianity or ideology in Church administration of IOC. Kuratchu per mattullavare Bible Ghoshikkukayum, Prasangikkukayum, updadeshikkukayum cheyyukayum. Back doorilude anyante muthal kaamshikkukayum, kayyadakkukayum cheyyunna dayaneeya avastha aanullathu. Money making establishments are made everywhere.

      There's a saying "Oru kallam paranjaal aa kallathe nyaayeekarikkan Nooru kallam parayendi varum". Thats the state of IOC. Validity of existence and survival is trying to be implemented with earthly gains and money spinning or money minting tacticts.

      By God's grace 21st century has given the technological advance to deliver truth to common man in many ways. Actually its a great misery for the fake leaders. for eg.

      1. Salmoosa of Parumala Thirumeni. This is a real eye opener for all Malankara faithfuls. The main problem to people is that we dont have time to search the truth.

      2. "History through picture's" by George Aramath. What else is needed for a common man to know the truth, minority is ruling the majority. There's a saying "Neerkkoli kaditchhalum Athaazham mudangum". These kind of strategy to close the church is done by the "CENTRAL COMMAND" and the LEGAL CELL of IOC . When both the Jacobite and IOC members of Kolencherry church are united to open their church, there is a "VIMMISHTAM" for CENTRAL COMMAND and LEGAL

      Any human being without having proper education also can find solution to these kind of problems in minutes. But if decided to eliminate or "Nigrahikkal", then there is no solution, only street fighting. Poor believers and faithfuls who made the churches from the money from their pockets have to be in streets for their rights. When the world knows this issue, white collar crooked heads are propagating the news that "Is it Christian to fight in streets? "Che Che Che" We are feeling very shameful seeing comedy programs in TV Channels". You can find a reason if u dig the problem from beginning and analyze. Tears of everyone will be counted on Judgement day. Surely GOD is going to question all the culprits who dont value the sufferings, sweat and the tears. GOD is carefully watching from above. Releasing the thread slowly slowly but one day there will be a HURRICANE which can whirlpool everything.

      Let CHRIST'S suffering in this world and martydom of Saints and Apostles be an inspiration and way for the "Advaanikkunnavarkkum Bhaaram Chumakkunnavarkkum".

      In Prayer
      Gigi Thomas
      Member ID : 1046
    • Malankara Voice
      THOUSANDS WITNESS NADATHURAKKAL AT THE MANARCAD ST. MARY S CATHEDRAL Kottayam, Sep 7: Thousands thronged the St. Mary s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral at
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 7, 2005


        Kottayam, Sep 7:  Thousands thronged the St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Cathedral at Manarcaud, near here, on Wednesday to witness the highly revered 'nadathurakkal', the annual ritual; in which the icon of Mother Mary with Infant Jesus will be displayed for the public.  The opening of the main altar is the most important of the ritual in the ongoing eight-day Lent and annual feast of Mother Mary the Immaculate at the cathedral.

        The 'nadathurakkal' was performed in an atmosphere marked by prayers and cries of devotees, who had arrived from far and near.  A lull in the torrential rains and a clear sky during the time of the auspicious occasion had brought a sea of faithful to the church. Earlier in the day Jacobite Church Catholicos Baselios Thomas I offered a 'Mooninmel' Qurbana. In the evening, thousands of faithful took part in the ceremonial procession. Traditional art forms like 'margamkali' and 'parichamuttukali' were displayed in the church premises later. ENS

        Photos & News at:

        For more Links, visit:   
        http://malankara.cjb.net/  or 

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