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The confused moderators of a IO internet Forum

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  • Manoj George
    Dear Forum Members, This message is just to share with you the experience I had in one of the internet Forums owned and moderated by a few belonging to the
    Message 1 of 3393 , Aug 9, 2005
      Dear Forum Members,

      This message is just to share with you the experience I had in one of the internet Forums owned and moderated by a few belonging to the metran kakshis ( I would not use the term Orthodox church in their case as I personally do not believe them to be one ). A few members of SOCM are also members in this particular Forum and it is at their behest that I am sharing my experience with the SOCM Forum members. Please do note that I am not referring to the other more Popular internet Forum run by the Metran Kakshis but this one started off as an unmoderated Forum.

      Please do note the catchline of this particular Forum :

      'This forum is meant to exchange views without bias and prejudice. This forum encourages free views & education on Malankara Church and her affairs. You are encouraged to say your mind. Don't be shackled by your thoughts neither get provoked by others view point. '

      ' The only forum for all Christians to express their views freely.'

      Now coming to it, there were a few Metran Kakshis, blind to the facts and fed with doctored history, who used to come out with strange allegations against the Syrian Orthodox Church and its leaders. The language they used in no way could be termed as sane. Once I remember a member coming out with a member name Catholicose and painting our Bava as power crazy. And I did not see any condemnation by the moderators and I am very sure every metran Kakshi member used to enjoy these third rate gimmicks to its fullest. When I could not take it any further I started replying to their accusations using an assertive tone. In turn I asked a few questions from history for them to answer. It is not only that not a single person came forward with any answers, the moderator himself came out saying that even the Supreme court cannot answer my questions. This I found not only childish, but also it was more of an escape route for them. Later on this became a routine. They would come out with their own version of history and I would send replies to their messages. The funniest part was that they would not come out with any replies but only personal attacks against me calling me a court Jester, A fanatic, etc.,. Just let me cite an example ....

      One of the moderators came out with her version of the history saying Vattasseril Mor Divannasios sent Mor Ivanios to Rome to discuss regarding the Petrine Supremacy. This was something which I had never heard of. I in turn sent a reply citing the true version of this. This mail was not only rejected but sent back to me with the moderators note that I am a fanatic with no allegiance to anyone other than my rhetorics. When this happened I took the extreme step of sending this message with the moderators note to the individual mail ID's of the Forum members. I did this just to bring out the biased nature of the moderators. But this effort of mine worked out and even most of the Metran Kakshi members came out in my support. Maybe this caught the moderators unawares. From then on they have stopped posting my messages and even I have stopped sending anything. However the best part of all this is that for the past few days I am not seeing any fresh allegations and ninety nine percent of the messages posted now are only of spiritual nature.

      Another example just before I finish of their biased nature...

      There was a disussion regarding Mor Ahatulla. I think most of us will depend on the internet for gathering our information regarding any particular subject. Even I did the same. I cited from the website owned by Mr. John Philip to support my argument that Mor Ahatulla was indeed sent from Antioch and he was not a Nestorian. But by oversight or by ignorance I did not give the source of my information. This was taken up as a big issue and much hue and cry was created that I stole information from someone's hardwork. I am not a trained journalist and i am not aware of the techinicalities involved in writing on an Online discussion Forum. So if anybody think that I did a big mistake I am ready to accept that. But a issue was created as if I have initiated the third world war. Now let me come to the funniest part..... Some time after this there was a doubt raised by one of the members regarding the Thozhiyoor church. The moderator herself gave the details of the Thozhiyoor church from a website but no source was cited. Nobody spoke a word. Later on another of the moderators took a whole message from ' Shroro ' regarding the beards in Orthodox tradition and posted it on this Forum but again no source was cited. Not a single Metran Kakshi member came out with an allegation. It was only our friend Mike, who very politely requested the moderator to give a link to the original source.

      I cited the above two examples just to show the biased or more of a confused nature of the metran Kakshis. Never did I raise an issue on their Forum. I made it a point only to answer to their allegations. But they did not have anything valid to prove their stand. So they used to resort to the best escape route... personal attacks and block my messages. What more can be expected from a bunch of confused people who are followers of a tradition of tracheary, deceit and lies.

      Best Regards
      Manoj George
      member ID 1305
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear honorable members Greetings in HIS name To keep the forum debate s authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new
      Message 3393 of 3393 , Sep 30
        Dear honorable members

        Greetings in HIS name

        To keep the forum debate's authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new guideline.

        As per the new guideline from 26th of October 2004, we will not publish any messages without proper signature. Your signature should contain full name, family name, home parish, present parish attending along with proper references like that of the parish priest's; name, e mail address and telephone number, where we can verify the genuineness of the e mails.

        After the verification of your identity, we will provide a member ID Number which can be used as your signature for future postings and by member ID numbers we can verify your mails. However, If you want your name to be withheld from the messages published, we will comply to your request and then only the ID number will be published.

        These personal contact details will be stored in our database and will not be published in the forum.

        However, if you are hesitant to reveal the name and identity, you can still be a member of the forum and get the daily digests in your e-mail id supplied, if you wish so.

        This new guideline is applicable to all members, regardless of their Christian denomination.

        We hope our members will appreciate it and cooperate with us.

        Be with us and be part of us.

        In Our Lords Love
        For & on behalf of
        SOCM-FORUM Moderators

        Chev. Thomas Daniel (Reji)
        St.George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
        Cheppaud, Alleppy Dist, Kerala, India.
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