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Kind Attention Jacobite bishops of Kerala

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  • Humble Servant of Christ
    CIRCULATE THIS MAIL TO ALL GENUINE SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS; Dear All genuine Syrian Orthodox Christians(under Apostolic see of Antioch and All the East;
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2002

      Dear All genuine Syrian Orthodox Christians(under
      Apostolic see of Antioch and All the East; including
      jacobite bishops of Kerala.)

      We have to be vigilent , a good spy group of our
      churchs with all secret network is needed to preserve
      our church. Courts cannot give justice,where is the
      court ,who ruled constitution is supreme in
      Jayalalitha's case and not people's will, now Jaya is
      CM again , court is helpless. Our law hsa more loop
      holes that the big goes untrapped and small gets
      caught. Syrian Orthodox Christians should understand
      that ONLY FITTEST WILL SURVIVE, no GOV ,no minister
      will help us,we have to save ourselves.Like we won
      over Portuguese and British and Roman arrogance,but
      his is more deadly this is against our brothers
      inspired by satan and false prophets warned in
      Bible.Also as long as we do not stop intermarrages
      between Syrian Orthodox and methrankashi , we have no
      escape,this should be officially announced as null and
      void immediately, now all our efforts are going vain ,
      because we are feeding our enemy more than anyone
      else.Our enemies grew on our bread and still survive
      on our food like parasites, we have to cut them off
      ONCE and for ALL by anymeans. we must immediately
      start All India campaign and International campaign
      against Manorama.Still 80 % of Jacobites are Manorama,
      why church is not officially banning it.Unless church
      officially bans it at the earliest we will be
      deceiving the Patriarchal prophets who spoke gospel to
      us and showed path to Christ.

      We must IMMEDIATELY proclaim officially in church to
      ban Manorama Newspaper and all its publications and
      MRF,Aban etc,If any church of jacobites are closed lay
      responsibility on Manorama,march to Manorama Office,
      ask K M mathew to stop undemocratic ways and to
      control Mathews II,his puppet catholicose, also ban
      trading with all business enterprises of P C Abraham.
      Buck stops with Manorama

      Chief Minister. A K Antony is a puppet leader, we
      cannot expect any help or rebuff from him.

      If indian courts fail,our motto will be faith is above
      law.I still believe that Supreme court non-christian
      judges have not fully undertood the manupulations held
      in malankara association election,or they may be a
      gang of friends of Malimat.

      Mr.Paul pothen: Director of Manorama, Mr.Kurian issued
      leaflets condemning acts of Mathews II. we cannot
      trust this completely who knows this is another trick
      advised by K M Mathew.If it is a geniune act we have
      to appreciate it, only time will prove whether it is a
      nobel act,lets wait and see.Mr.Paul Pothen do inform
      us again all wrong deeds of Mathews II by email,thanks
      for your valid info.

      we must form a 24 hr vigilence cell to prevent all
      Metran kashi satanic deeds with timely action.

      also we must complaint against Manorama in Press trust
      of India with all evidence also to international Press
      council via Syrian Orthodox bishops in Europe and USA.
      though manorama has good stand in Press council, I am
      sure some members of press council will support truth
      and manorama will surrender.all complaints must be in
      English officially by Church.We can show Press concil
      the new reports of unbiased newspapers like
      Mathrubumi,Deepika,Indian Express,Hindu etc.Also we
      have to form an All christian forum for informing
      other churches in kerala the truth and wrong deeds of
      mathews II,we must accomplish good relation with
      Catholic,Marthoma,CSI churches for this .if necessary
      requestHH. Patriarch of Antioch to contact Pope and
      ask Catholic church in India to condemn wrong deeds of
      Mathews II. Will Catholic church do it, we have to see
      ?this is a serious matter .
      HG.Joseph Mor Gregorios please note this.

      fasting alone will not save us we must blame all
      responsibity of any wrong deed or capture or closure
      of any Jacobite church on Manorama,MRF and Aban and
      march against their offices with international support
      of Universal syrians.We have to contact BBC and CNN
      and tell them to report of breach of right to worship
      in biggest democratic country India.

      Also I ask the people of manarcad Jacobite Church to
      do everthing to be preserved with holy Throne of
      antioch and cut off the Methran kashi person,isolate
      him and his family,his business etc.

      Also we must officailly ask Foreign embassies to ban
      manorama with all evidence.we must ask foreign
      countries to ban MRF tyres.We can tell foreign
      embassey and newspapers to ban MRF tyres,though it is
      bad act ,our survival prescribes it..

      Raise plots against Manorama otherwise Syrian
      christians will fall,All churches should be vigilent,
      If necessary let all churches write documents(register
      it) that only Holy Throne of Antioch has the right of
      ownership even if bishop or some parishers change

      we must immediately form a protection cell,vigilence
      cell ,intelligence cell working 24 hrs with all
      emergency communication network.

      As long as church officially not BAN Manorama we will
      not succeed. I request HB.Thomas Mor dionasius and
      H.G.Joseph Mor Gregorios to officailly annouce ban on
      Manorama, MRF and Aban, otherwise we will be feeding
      them and all our efforts will be in VAIN ,ultimately
      signing our own death warrant.

      This is politics ,Christ is not involved in this I
      know but we who fear Christ has a responsibility to
      preserve our church with good shepherds like Jesus
      whipped merchants and traders from Jerusalem
      temple,who made his father's house of prayer a "den of
      robbers",similarly every Syrian Orthodox bishop and
      prist has a reponsibilty to whip out traders and false

      Also i ask chuch leaders to officially get
      announcement from HH.Patriarch of Antioch regarding
      suspension of 3 bishops including Abraham Severios who
      say they are still Jacobite bishops.also i request to
      obtain official statements from his HH.Patriarch of
      Antioch and all our bishops in Europe and USA to
      condemn Mathews II for wrong deeds and pronounce him
      as unchristian, also let our foreign bishops send
      stong messages of protest to Indian Gov. a separate
      cell of foreign Syrian correspondence should be formed
      immediately informing them all recent
      developments.Also revoke title awarded to Babu
      Paul,the traitor.

      SEE THIS,Jacobites burning a newspaper in democratic
      India(biggest democracy of world) for freedom of
      worship and religion.

      HG.Joseph Mor Gregorios Please note this.

      Let us stop Manorama,we who have defeated both
      Portuguese and British can easily do it.take strong
      measures. come on!


      Syrian bishops in Kerala ,please tell Universal syrian
      bishops to condemn undemocratic acts of mathews II
      immediately in diplomatic and Gov level and through
      English newspapers and International Press council in
      India and Abroad.

      No more jacobite churches should be closed by
      Gov,those who are loyal to Methrankashi within
      jacobites leave jacobite Church immediately.

      Peechanikad jacobite church closure is to be blamed on
      false prophet Abraham Severios,ask him if he is a
      christian to open it.he is to be blamed for it.

      Also we must consider the salary of priest ,we have to
      raise it ,so that priests will not be tempted by false
      prophet like satan tempted Jesus to worship him in
      return for all wealth.

      Also training of priest have to be modified Fr.Adayi
      the principal of theological college should be willing
      to reform training in concordance with present
      professional modern management.Jacobite priest and
      bishops should be taught to reply to all mail they
      receive, as part of modern management.I know many
      priest do not reply to mail sent by my friends.

      Mr.Moncy Vavachen,publicity manger: Hindu newspaper
      did not report about the fasting of catholicose Mor
      Dionasius in mangalam dam church.

      Let Mathews II,the false prophet do his worse,we will
      do our best.

      A Humble Servant of Jesus Christ.Son of Jehova,God of Israel

      A knight of the Order of Jacob Baradeus for empowering Jacobites under Holy Throne of Antioch, my mission.

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