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A powerful group planning more problems in the Malankara Church ?

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    Dear SOCM members, The problem that started in two Churches of Thrissur diocese is expected to spread all around Malankara soon. Catholicose Marthoma Mathews
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2002

      Dear SOCM members,


      The problem that started in two Churches of Thrissur diocese is expected to spread all around Malankara soon. Catholicose Marthoma Mathews II who usually preaches peace in public to create a Godly image for himself and at the same time creating troubles by using any third rate methods,  is now again trying to do the same.


      As per the latest information�s received, Catholicose Marthoma Mathews II is contacting every district collectors, with the help of some politicians who are siding with his faction (Malankara Orthodox Church), and together they are planning to artificially create troubles in at least a few churches each in every diocese, similar to that now happened in Thrissur diocese.   In this way he & his faction are planning to block the parishioners of one diocese, from moving to other dioceses and thereby preventing a large gathering to assemble in one place.   The Malankara Orthodox Church leadership is arranging all these with extra ordinary skill & secrecy.   They are trying their maximum to demoralise the Jacobites, by closing down the parishes of ours.


      When one prominent person within their Church questioned the activities of their leadership in creating troubles in churches where there are no problem at all, the Catholicose replied as if he as a great peace loving person, but at the same time all his activities are hinting towards creating more troubles in many more parishes, wherever no problems exists.   Thomas Athansius of Chengannoor, the Catholicos-aspirant is another person of dubious character who is leading all the troubles, but fortunately or unfortunately, he already have a very negative image even among their Church itself.  


      Last Sunday, K O Kurian, a close relative of K M Mathew the Chief editor of Manorama and one of the directors of Manorama Company, published a leaflet, highly criticizing the Catholicos and his core group of supporters for all the malpractices & other undesirable practices.  He distributed this leaflet at Devolokom Church the same day.   Though there are such persons who are fed up with the unholy practices in their Church, their numbers are very few and they are usually sidelined with the help of the highly influential gang within that church.


      So my advice to all those who are loving the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, is to be vigilant towards such forces, which may do anything to tarnish the image of anyone including our beloved Prelate Thomas Mar Divanyoious Thiurmeni and other bishops and lay men, who are leading our Church in its hours of crisis.    They have already won in spreading false rumours about our Prelates and others who are giving strong leadership to our Syrian Orthodox Church; their primary aim is to weaken the leadership within our Church.  They tried their maximum by spreading false rumours about Thomas Divanyosious Thirumeni, our Catholicos-designate.   They think, our Church can be destroyed, if Divanyosious Thirumeni is sidelined.    Only Thirumeni�s pray-full life & strong will power had helped him to overcome the misinformation campaigning of Devolokom leadership.   His Grace is even now in the Church in Thrissur diocese, praying for a peaceful end to the crisis now faced by our Church, which is created by Devolokom leadership. 


      Sad to say, there are still some more persons within our Church itself, to help the opposite group through back doors.  Though the persons who are actively participating in Church activities here in Kerala know the truth, many living outside Kerala are not aware of this.  Even persons living here, who read only Manorama daily etc. , too had fallen prey to this propaganda war of Malankara Orthodox Church leadership of Kottayam.


       There is even a separate propaganda department to demoralise the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians that is functioning within the Devolokom Orthodox Church leadership under the Catholicose Marthoma Mathews II and Thomas Athansius etc.   This Thomas Athanasius of Chengannoor has already appointed 3 separate investigating agencies to spy work the activities of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church members and at the same time is trying to canvas the key persons by offering anything.  So be vigilant of these groups of people who are creating troubles through undesirable practices. 

      Paul. P


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