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RE: Treachery (Reply to Dn George Mathew)

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  • Rev. Dn. Zacharia Varghese
    Dear Moderators, I read with interest Dn. George s reply to a post concerning treachery and feel compelled to reply. First, as an aside, I cannot believe
    Message 1 of 3395 , Jun 25, 2005
      Dear Moderators,

      I read with interest Dn. George's reply to a post concerning "treachery" and feel compelled to reply.

      First, as an aside, I cannot believe that the Dn. is not aware of many members in various Orthodox forums using pen names or group names. Why does he single one out (KEFA) for "hiding." Maybe because they are a recent voice of truth that takes the Dn. out of the Devalokam "comfort zone?"

      Secondly, the Dn. laments the return of Mor Severios to the Syriac Orthodox Church. He writes that he "still" loves him, AS IF MOR SEVERIOS SINNED OR DID EVIL by leaving the Metran faction. His sin was leaving the Syrian Church. If I recall, the Methran faction did not ordain Mor Severios, but merely accepted him and his property. Their leadership did not have a strong position for him, and I am sure Mor Severios felt guilty for causing the universal church such hardship. So he came back to his mother church. Mor Severios need not be lamented, but applauded. His example needs to be copied. The fact that he was accepted shows how the universal church takes care of all kinds of sinners.

      The real issue is why the Metran faction accepts bishops ordained by a Patriarch it rejects. Could it be... money, an opportunity to gain legitamacy, a desire to destroy the true church? You fill in the blank.

      Of course, I regret if I am being too hard on the Dn. He now knows what it feels like to have a leader switch sides. It is my sincerest desire that the Dn. follow in Mor Severios' footsteps. Such an action would demonstrate true "love" (to quote the Dn.) for Mor Severios. Come - join the true church Dn. Be in step with our Lord, your forefathers, and all the saints.

      As to the Dn.'s charges of non charitable speech with respect toward those who have cheated the church, misused their authority and church property, and have caused unbelievable damage to the Christian reputation, I find his words comical. It is pointless "to judge" people who are speaking ill of those who deserve such speech. Better than criticise us for a non charitable attitude, why doesn't the Dn. ask Mor Nicolovos to return the property he took with him when he left us? Or demand that the court cases filed by Devalokam end? Is the Dn. really saying that there aren't those who speak with hate, pride, and jealousy in his church? Need I point out the current leadership struggle between Milithios and Pachomios? Or the problems caused by the Nicolovos faction in the U.S.?

      True charity in the Church, dear Dn, begins by having godly leadership to set the example. Where is yours? Come on Dn. If you raise your hand to criticize, do it appropriately.

      Dn. Zacharia Varghese, M.D.
      St. Ignatious Church, Dallas
      St. Mary's Church, Houston
      Member ID 0970
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear honorable members Greetings in HIS name To keep the forum debate s authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new
      Message 3395 of 3395 , Nov 30
        Dear honorable members

        Greetings in HIS name

        To keep the forum debate's authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new guideline.

        As per the new guideline from 26th of October 2004, we will not publish any messages without proper signature. Your signature should contain full name, family name, home parish, present parish attending along with proper references like that of the parish priest's; name, e mail address and telephone number, where we can verify the genuineness of the e mails.

        After the verification of your identity, we will provide a member ID Number which can be used as your signature for future postings and by member ID numbers we can verify your mails. However, If you want your name to be withheld from the messages published, we will comply to your request and then only the ID number will be published.

        These personal contact details will be stored in our database and will not be published in the forum.

        However, if you are hesitant to reveal the name and identity, you can still be a member of the forum and get the daily digests in your e-mail id supplied, if you wish so.

        This new guideline is applicable to all members, regardless of their Christian denomination.

        We hope our members will appreciate it and cooperate with us.

        Be with us and be part of us.

        In Our Lords Love
        For & on behalf of
        SOCM-FORUM Moderators

        Chev. Thomas Daniel (Reji)
        St.George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
        Cheppaud, Alleppy Dist, Kerala, India.
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