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    About the news in Deepika on the Piravom Palli issue, there was a slight exaggeration about the whole event and this may have created some confusion among the
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 10, 2002


      About the news in Deepika on the Piravom Palli issue, there was a slight exaggeration about the whole event and this may have created some confusion among the readers.   So here i would like to present the facts that had happened there on that day.


      Actually it was only Fr.Elias, appointed as the alternate Priest by the diocesan Metropolitan (Catholicos-designate Mor Divanyosious Thirumeni) a few months back, celebrated the holy Qurbana on that particular day.   Though the other Achen initially tried to create trouble on that particular day by obstructing Fr.Elias, he had to finally accept the decision of the local government authorities, which they had taken after consultation with the Parishioners.  Since a consensus was reached only in the last minute, this Achen was also present in the Madbaha, while Fr. Elias celebrated Qurbana. (Remember if two priests had then celebrated the Services simultaneously in the same Madbaha, as mentioned in the daily, then there would have been a serious trouble, which the police force under no circumstances would have allowed to continue).


      In the Piravom Valiya Palli, the Patriarch faction has strength of more than 90 % and this fact was clearly established two years back in 2000 with the Church committee election held under the supervision of the High Court nominees.  Dissatisfied on the turn of events, Methran Kakshi submitted a petition in the Supreme Court, stating that only the parishioners supporting them (5 %) have the right to vote in the election.  But they themselves were forced to withdraw the case following some remarks from SC, which appears to be unfavourable for them in other Church cases if they continue with this one.  Thus after this election, the Jacobite Syrian Christians got the full administrative authority of the church.  


      The particular Priest, who tried to create troubles by not allowing Fr.Elias to celebrate the Holy Services on last Sunday, is one of the Parish Priests from earlier period.   He created troubles with the support of Muvattupuzha Athanasius Methran who switched over to the Kottayam Orthodox faction in 1996.   Though the Jacobites forms the majority (90 %), they were actually suppressing their sentiments for many years now, in order to avoid any troubles, which may lead to the permanent closure of this ancient church, just as that happened before.   Exploiting this peculiar situation, both the Athanasius supporters & Sevarious supporters of Kottayam Orthodox group (total 5 %) never allowed Fr.Elias who was appointed as the Chief Priest from the Jacobite side to celebrate the Holy Qurbono.   To avoid any confrontation with the dissident section, the Jacobites tried their maximum to remain silent and waited for a consensus on the matter. 


      Only a week before, did Fr.Elias got the approval of all and accordingly he was to celebrate the Holy Services without any problems.    But the situations become worse after a last minute visit of Muvattupuzha Athanasius of Kottayam Orthodox group to the concerned Priest who was forced to lead the troubles.  Everybody in the area knows, who is behind all these, it is Athanasius Methran & Devolokom leadership.  It was after studying all these facts that the local govt. authorities finally approved Fr.Elias  (who was appointed by Catholicos-designate Mor Divanyosios Thirumeni) to celebrate the Holy Qurbono,  Orelse the Govt. authorities never would have supported Fr. Elias to celebrate the Holy Services.


      So my advice to all in these hours of crisis is to try to know more about the facts before coming into any conclusions.  There are many who are trying to spread false rumours to tarnish the Syrian Christian community & our bishops.  Their sole aim is to destroy the Syrian Church so that the Kottayam leadership can have the full authority of the Malankara Church.  So be careful of all the false propagandas.



      Cant we the Syrian Christians (If I am wrong, please excuse me, because

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