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Noble cause

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    From the desk of: B ( Vayaliparambil Pynadath ) BPM BIBU PHILIP MATTHEW M B.E.(CSE) Gentlemen: So long as the Knight of Jacoob Baraedius
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 4, 2002
      From the desk of:
      ( Vayaliparambil Pynadath ) BPM


      So long as the 'Knight of Jacoob Baraedius' knows
      difference between church previlages and means of salvation,
      so long as he is a 'Christian first and a Syrian Orthodox
      second', I dont find any fault with this man.it is better
      to express opinions than suppress it otherwise it may end
      in uncontrollable emotional outbust of Physical action.

      In the wake of many accusations and heated words of exchange,
      I like to remind all,that we have a great home work to do,let
      litigation and concerned legal matters proceed on one end, on
      the other hand simultaneosly we have to do many constructive work
      like service to society/charity works,(let leaders form special
      commitee for this if my suggestion is acceptable) also we have to
      be more professional in church management;including training and
      selection of priest,bishops, youth movement...we have to impose
      disciple and everything should be in order.

      our progress we have to measure by our spiritual, intellectual,
      and charitable service/contributions to humanity(the week and
      suffering) as christians first and genuine Syrian Orthodox
      secondly.We should have a vision,where there is no vision the
      people perish.We should not bicker over trivial issues, but
      fight boldly for noble causes.We have to examine if there is
      anything wrong on our side and correct it to prevent further
      repeatation of managerial defects/style of functioning etc... if any.

      To the Catholic Gentleman from Philippines, joined forum recently,
      my message is dear Mr. Pauolo G.

      " there will be heated debates in some topics as a grassroot
      level debate, hope you will tolerate it as part of life and as
      a man of understanding, as problems are there everywhere.You are
      most welcome to the forum as scion of St.Peter's church, Patriarch;
      St.Peter being the founder of both Syrian Orthodox and Roman Catholic (Apostolic) churches."

      God bless the church and all his chosen ones.

      With regards,
      Bibu Philip Matthew
      Vayaliparambil Pynadath.
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