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I am Proud, I am A Jacobite

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  • Aji Thomas
    Dear members The following is a paragraph from one of the posting appeared in the Indian Orthodox Forum and forwarded to me by one of my friend. How someone
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      Dear members
      The following is a paragraph from one of the posting
      appeared in the Indian Orthodox Forum and forwarded to
      me by one of my friend. How someone can become cheep
      is what you can see in this posting. I think the
      moderators of that forum also enjoy this sort of
      posting. None can blame them because that all they
      know and that what they are taught.

      I come from Vadavucode, which is hardly 1 kilometer
      from Puthencurisu. I was very much involved in the
      street fights during the mid and late seventies in the
      area, to protect the rights of the Catholicos. I was
      very often victimized with my other friends those days
      by the other faction for my stand.

      I know Fr.C.M.Thomas (The present Sreshta Catholicos
      Mar Divanasios) from the time I was 10 years old. He
      was a good family friend of ours and very often used
      to visit my home. Fr.Thomas was a very good convention
      preacher. Later he became the secretary of the Medical
      Mission project of our church in Kolenchery. He did a
      wonderful work in the initial stages, especially in
      collecting the funds for the construction of the
      hospital etc.

      Fr.Thomas had an ambition, to become a bishop. But it
      was a near impossible effort because he did not have
      any educational qualifications. Some say he hardly
      completed class 4. At a stage he knew that he would
      not make it up to become a bishop. Besides, in the
      70's he landed in some scandals at the medical mission
      hospital, where he was staying. His moral integrity
      was also doubtful on many occasions. Then one day he
      disappeared and re-appeared later
      as a bishop. He sneaked out to Damascus and got
      ordained as a bishop by the Patriarch.

      After reading this posting, I feel more proud about my
      Jacobite Church. We have a Catholicose designate
      without any academic qualification as our late early
      church fathers. And our church is lucky that we do not
      have any so-called academic scholars and doctorate
      holders with us. Who ever gained all these doctorate
      and academic certificate were become backstabbers and
      traitors? (I do not know how much they spend to get
      this and who paid for it) We can proudly say to anyone
      in this world that criteria for become a priest,
      bishop, Catholicose, Patriarch in our Holy Apostolic
      Church is not any worldly certificate. It is chosen by
      the God Almighty. A man having only 4 class standard
      educations is proved beyond doubts that he can lead a
      1.2 million Christians in this world and fight with
      the evil sprit of money and power for the sake of
      forefathers faith and teachings.

      I thank the author of this posting and my friend who
      forwarded it to me. It�s cemented my faith.

      May God help the Indian Orthodox Church and its
      One again I am proud to say that I am a Jacobite and
      from a Church were no place for the backstabbers and

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