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  • dipu george
    shlomo, whoever u are mr sand man it is obvious you are fed up of the apparent hatred preached in the forum... but let me make my observations on this issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002


      whoever u are mr sand man  it is obvious you are fed up of the apparent hatred preached in the forum...

      but let me make my observations on this issue

      if i am correct the patriach had deputed Mar Dionysius and Mor thimothios on the fact finding mission based on which action was taken against Mor Nicholavos.

      its  a pity when u say you have no attachments to your mother church .why is the church to be blamed for the actions of its members? and isnt it stupid for one to say he is denying his father or mother???

      one should consider onself indeed blesed to have been born into this most ancient church

      all of us here sincerely desired peace...apparently you dont look like you stay in kerala.thats why you have made such comments.

      the situation here is really pathetic...who wants division within this church ...we all know such actions will only weaken  the glory of our mother church ..... but..... BUT......one should look deeper into this dispute to find out who is at fault !!!!

      and i doubt whether you have ever read sabha history before you wrote this article.

      one faction ( in my honest view - the metran kakshi) wants to split this church just for material reasons only .

      i wish you had first removed the log in your eyes before trying to remove the speck in others eyes.

      i do admit that at times atrocious articles do  appear in this forum which deserves only ignoring such articles but ...

      the issue here right now is for the jacobites to act before the metran kakshis go about trying to grab all our properties and leave us in a  a pityful condition . this has to be prevented ...for our sake and for the sake of our forefathers....may god cast his wrath on us if we do not defend our holy faith .

      the observer malimat  was paid  one crore as bribe for his sinful actions .(an allegation i cant prove but which i believe we pin our hopes on india's respected judiaciary who will rise above corruption atleast this time and give a true verdict)

      it pains me to see such an article from a fellow jacobite  but i assume it because he is ignorant of church matters.

      the sinful actions of the metran kakshis are so vast that i doubt  how many articles it would take to list them all...

      yes ...we also have done wrong things  but it is a microscopic minority compared to what the metran kakshis are doing .

      dont we need to act ?

      we should ...because we need to survive .....and why ?

      is it for any selfish reasons? .....no ..... because born of this holy faith is our birthright and no one should be allowed to deny it to us !!!!! not ven the court ...(which i pray will have wise counsel before they  put a judgement)

      i do admit in saying that all malayalis are murachis and hypocrites ...sometimes i had even wished that the holy fathers should not have come here or laid down their lives for us because all we have given them in return is pain and misery ...isnt it not ?

      the curse of Mor Elias III patriach to Vattasseril Dionysius was " in argument shall you live and in argument will you die"

      everyone knows the last days of Vattasseril Dionysius , Mor Augen ,and even the metran kakshi catholicose MathewsI.

      let us pray that such things dont happen to the present catholicose of the metran kakshi namely MathewsII

      what is the solution ? ...the solution is to cleanse ourselves from such sinners...

      for the sake of future peace and for the good of both factions its imperative that we split amicably ....and we have to make sure the sacrifices we make inorder to acheive such peace doesnt mean we have to forfeit our churches lest the curse of our forefathers fall on us .

      being in kerala and reading reports in various dailies it is crystal clear as to which faction is at mischeif.

      they failed in getting their argument about the throne of st thomas  in the supreme court ...they could only get  favourable decisions on matters of legality and not on spirituality .the logic is "last time they managed to convert 20% jacobites to their side and they are hoping for such a repeat this time also.

      the bribery offers to the priests and other laity for defecting is so shameful that i pity the metran kaksis so much that i pray that god have mercy on them . 90% of the metran kakshis dont know the truth they are like donkeys led by a carrot on a stick with manorama leading those hapless fools.

      though i would prefer to desist from personal allegations against any person i am but willing to ahare some secrets about the henious acts of the metran kakshis if asked personally .

      let us pray and i do hope that this forum continue to be a source for spiritual enlightment through good articles apart from the usual ones on church disputes

      i also pray that the moderators would also provide chat facility in this forum so that we can discuss matters online also

      aloho ahmuch

      dipu george

      p.s   its a pity that the indian orthodox forum for which i was unknowingly added as a member refused to put my article in one of their issues just because i mentioned the dreaded word " syrian orthodox church" and " Moran Mar Baselious Paulose II "  .....it was a reply to one guy's doubt of how to defend against a jehovah witness .where  i mentioned kanyamparambil achen's " what shall i do to be saved" which i  believe is the best you can get to face these heretics

        SANDMAN <LCV6673@...> wrote:

      I find it amazing how many stupid people exist in the Jacobite church. I was
      born and brought up in the Jacobite church in the so called "Parthrakese"
      church. Corruption is rampant on both sides. I have witnessed first hand how
      Joseph Mar Gregorious bishop was being fed hateful information about Mor
      Nicholovos thirumeni here in the United States. This happened when Mar
      Gregorious thirumeni was sent to the US by His Holiness the Patriarch to
      investigate Nicholovos Thirumeni.
      Although I was born and brought up in the Parthrakese church, I have no
      sentiment towards the Patriarch or the Catholicose. But as Christians, I do
      see that any activity towards unifying two churches after this great Schism is
      an act of Christ. Any ill reference to the Patriarch must be condemned.
      However, I do know that the problem lies not in the church, but the idiotic
      Malayalee people who fill and run these churches.
      I'm not going to preach to you and quote from the Bible because using the
      Bible as a weapon is wrong in itself....if we really were listening to the
      words of the Bible, we wouldn't have any problems.
      So, if you morons can stop sending these stupid mails trying to ruin
      someone's business by boycotts or some other stupid idea you want to mail out,
      I would really appreciate it. None of you are "saints" , but everyone loves to
      act like they were one of Jesus' own apostles. I don't care for your quotes
      from the Bible trying to look ultra righteous. This was supposed to be a
      church, but you Malayalees have ruined it. You want the answer to your
      problems? Look at yourselves and yoru hypocritical culture, then maybe
      something will change.

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