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A Hope

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  • Thomas Daniel
    He is Risen At least for this Parish members If you cannot read the attachment please visit www.deepika.com April 02 nd 2002 ]�n ]p -cp-�m-c-W-�n v X��w ad�v
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002

      He is Risen

      At least for this Parish members

      If you cannot read the attachment please visit www.deepika.com April 02nd 2002

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      {]h��-\-���v ta�t\m�w hln-�m� ]n.F. tPm�, kPp Fw.tPm� F�n-h-cpsS t\Xr-Xz-�n� 10 AwK-I-�n�n cq]o-I-cn-�n-�pWvSv. Fw._n. jmPn, tdmbv sI. tImcXv, Fw. tdmbv tXmakv, Fw.sP. tPm�k�, sI.sP. t]m�, ant\mbv amXyp, Sn.Pn. tPm�, ]n.Un. amXyp F�n-h-cmWv a�p I�n-�n-bw-K-��.

      ]p\-cp-�m-c-W-{]-h��-\-�ns� Hu]-Nm-cn-I-amb XpS�w Ccp-k-`m-hn-`m-K-�-fp-tSbpw ]ptcm-ln-X-cmb ^m. tXmakv s]m�mw-Ipgn, ^m. tPmWn Xncp-�n-bn� F�n-h-cpsS kwbp-�-km-�n-[y-�n� ]p\-cp-�m-c-W-I-�n-�n-bw-K-�� \S�n. \n�am-W-{]-h��-\-�� Pqsse 15�\v ]q��n-bm-�m-\mWp ]cn-]mSn.

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