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Spirituality and Man

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  • C Devidasan
    The Moderators / The Editors, SOCM-FORUM / The Shroro Gentlemen, �����If matter is mighty, thought is Almighty����� said Swami Vivekananda, the great orator,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      The Moderators / The Editors,

      SOCM-FORUM / The Shroro


      �If matter is mighty, thought is Almighty� said Swami Vivekananda, the great
      orator, profound religious leader, an authority on various religious studies
      including Christianity and of course a fine human being our Mother India had
      ever produced.

      A man can change only if his thoughts are changed. All our religious
      discourses are aimed at achieving this goal. Good thoughts are the seeds we
      saw for tomorrow; so are the bad thoughts. Depending upon what we saw, we
      reap the harvest, good or bad, happiness or sorrow. However, since thought
      is Amighty (read �all mighty�), what we saw, be it good or bad also would
      grow �all mighty� and would come back to us as the harvest reaped.

      Human mind needs overhauling as any automobile does periodically if we want
      the world remain a place worthy for living. This however is possible only
      if there is a mass movement. This is where a forum like SOCM Forum or a
      magazine like Shroro could help--help to ignite a billion minds across the
      vast oceans and mighty mountain peaks. When we do that, winds will
      transport these thoughts for us to great distances, angels would carry them
      for us to where wind can�t reach and Sun�s rays would carry them for us so
      that the entire world can see us, feel us and understand us.

      �Spirituality and Man� contains some of my thoughts in this direction.

      C Devidasan,
      Member ID 975.

      Spirituality and Man.

      Man, the most worthy creation of God Almighty has three parts--body, mind
      and the spirit.

      The body is the engine which performs all the physical functions. The mind
      is the medium where we store all the information gathered from the
      experiences of life; good or bad, happy or unhappy; useful or useless. The
      Spirit is the part which learns how to conduct the business of life from
      every experience of life. Spirit cannot be destroyed nor can it be created.
      It never sleeps nor leaves us.

      When one say, �I was sleeping,� he intends that he was sleeping. In the
      real sense, however, it was his body which was sleeping or taking rest along
      with the mind which is the part of he as a �human.� That is the reason a
      person cannot consciously feel that he actually �exists� when he is
      sleeping. How ever there is �someone� who is not sleeping but watching him
      sleeping. That someone is the one whom we address as �I.� This �I� is the
      spirit. When someone asks, �Have you learned the lesson?� it is the �You�
      that learns and that �You� is the spirit. Mind is the medium of storage.
      Depending upon the nature of information, mind stores it either in the
      �Analytical or Reactive� part of the mind. The body, however, cannot learn.
      It is designed to only convert your thoughts into actions as a physical
      medium and hence it is �you� that learn.

      Man is in constant search for success�as a husband, son, wife, sister,
      mother, employee, etc., etc. Acquiring material wealth is an important task
      an ordinary man indulges in to be known as a successful man. The comforts
      that is derived out of these amenities is often compared with those who do
      not have them and he calls himself �successful.� It is said that the child
      is busy with play, the youth is busy with sex, and the adult is busy with
      worries. However, as the man realizes the value of peace, compassion and
      happiness, his perception of success and achievements change and he seek out
      know more about the �Spirit and spirituality�

      Lord Buddha left his empire and palatial amenities in search of peace.
      Between age 12 and 30, it is believed that young Jesus Christ wandered all
      over; King Ashoka immersed himself in propagating the peace and compassion
      not only in India but outside India too. When one learns spirituality, it
      helps him to be closer to Almighty God and that in turn helps him to be a
      good human being and lead the worthy life; for which he has been designed

      A man with a good spiritual bearing does not worry much about happiness
      comes out of material gains which he gathers as his life goes on. It is
      because he realizes that what material gains transpire is not actually
      happiness but satisfaction--satisfaction of having successfully completed
      something which has resulted in a material gain. Similarly, a man with a
      good spiritual bearing does not break down when he looses out material gains
      or faces painful emotional trauma as he has learned from Spirituality how to
      maintain the balance of life in the face of happiness and sorrows.

      The spiritual leaders of all religions have said that they do not experience
      �Happiness, but what they experience is �bliss� when they pursue
      spirituality and hence a man of spirituality does not and would not worry
      about the happiness of material gains as he now experiences �bliss� the
      superlative of happiness.

      Spirituality is a misunderstood subject. People believe that it is for the
      older generation who has already lived their lives. In fact when taught to
      younger generation, spirituality helps them to make better choices and
      enable them to take matured decisions which are vital for a balanced living.
      When a young child is told how Judas betrayed Jesus for just thirty silver
      coins, that would make him sit tight and think straight and he would never
      think of betrayal even if someone offers him the entire world! An elder
      practicing compassion; is actually preaching spirituality to the younger
      ones. True spirituality never ask you to �disown your duties� for the sake
      of realizing the God; in fact true spirituality is only understood fully
      when one does his duties for which the God Almighty has designed and sent
      him to live on this earth to realize that it is the right path that actually
      lead one to Him.
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