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Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 6 - lesson 34

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    Matthew 6: 8 ����� for your Father knows what you need before you ask him . If this is the case why pray at all? 1. Though the meaning of the word `pray is
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      Matthew 6: 8 – "for your Father knows what you need before you ask
      him". If this is the case why pray at all?

      1. Though the meaning of the word `pray' is to beg for
      something, it is more than that.
      a. It is communion with God
      b. It is a praising of God
      c. It is thanks giving to God
      d. It is for dependence to God
      These doctrines can be seen in the prayer, our Lord taught the

      2. It is the same Lord who said "Father knows everything " is
      the One who taught us to pray.
      3. God likes to get certain response from every individual. God
      asked Adam (after Adam eating the fruit) "Where are you?"(Gen 3:9)
      and Cain "Where is your brother Abel" (Gen 4:9). This is not because
      God do not know the answers, but God wanted the answer from them.

      V 9-14 – Lords prayer
      This prayer can be seen in Luke 1:1-4 with a small difference. "For
      thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen"
      is not in Luke's version. The scholarly opinion is that St. Matthew
      added this prayer to the teaching about prayer at Sermon - which
      Lord taught in some other time.

      Here our Lord teaches the `how ' to pray. They are
      1. Dependence on God
      2. Praising God
      3. Submit God's likes
      4. Prayer for human's bodily needs
      5. Prayer for our spiritual needs
      6. Praise the Lord
      The Holy Church gave foremost importance to Lord's prayer. All other
      prayers are modeled in light of this prayer.

      The Jews prayed 18 special prayers and also a prayer authored by
      their Rabbi daily. Apostles prayed with Lord's Prayer, which our
      Lord taught them. The doctrine of 12 apostles (Did -ache) commands
      that each Christian should at least pray this prayer 3 times a day.

      Mar Yacoob (b AD 451) (James of Sarugh) describes the importance of
      Lord's prayer
      ` Grand the Prayer given to us by the Price of God
      Blessed is the one who meditate it in his memory
      Sanctify, and complete is the beauty of it
      And one who pray this daily in faith will get all surely. "
      [ About Mar Yacob : "This is the ' Sroogile Mor Yacoob' whose
      poetic writings are widely used in our liturgy. He is a very well
      known figure in the Syriac literature. His 400 memre and 43 letters
      survice. He died in 521. Read scattered pearls by H.H. Aphreim 1
      pp.555-561.He is titled Malfono" – by Moolayil achan

      http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08278a.htm ]

      We pray that,
      • since God is our Father, His name should be Hallowed and
      • since God is our King, His kingdom should come and
      • Since God is our Lord, we pray that His "will be done on
      Along with this prayer we should come close to God with love just
      like we come to our father( with that intimacy and love) . We should
      also have a passion for and work for His kingdom to come. We
      should be ruled by the thought that we and others should allow His
      will ( glory and agenda ) be on all of us. His name, kingdom and
      will should have the top priority in our lives.

      We pray as His sons, devotee, citizens [of His kingdom],
      dependants , sinners and feeble.

      Unless we consider ourselves as the sons of God, it is meaningless
      to use this prayer. We pray "Your will be done on earth" and if
      this should happen, then our `will' [desire] should be submitted to

      This prayer deals with future, present and past. "Deliver us from
      the evil one" is about future, while "Give us this day our daily
      bread" is about present and "forgive us our debts" is about past.
      How noble is this!

      Each verse in this prayer should be a self-introspection for us.
      Since God is my Father and I am His son, are we living in
      sinless? "Every one that is born of God, doth not practise sin;
      because his seed is in him, and he cannot sin, because he is born of
      God " (1 John 3:9). Do I have the fatherly love of the son to God?
      What did I do for a) glorifying the name of God, b) for His kingdom
      come? c) For His Will is done on earth. I have lots of worldly
      growth and lots of my needs are satisfied. Do I pride about this in
      vain or do I regard it all as a blessing of God? Do I have a
      forgiving mind to my adversaries? Do I give up the situations that
      could lead to temptations? Do I wish to win the temptations with the
      help of God?

      The presence of heavenly Father is the foremost sign of heaven.
      This prayer reminds us to raise our hearts to heavenly God and move
      close to that Heavenly presence with devoutness. The way Abraham,
      Moses, Ezekiel, and John did in God's presence should be a mode for
      us (Gen 17:3; Exodus 3:6; Ezekiel 1; 28; Rev 1: 17).
      ["Abram fell facedown"; "Moses hid his face, because he was afraid
      to look at God"; "When I [Ezekiel] saw it, I fell facedown, and I
      heard the voice of one speaking"; "When I [John] saw him, I fell at
      his feet as though dead"]

      Along with that, we should have a repenting mind about our sins too.
      (Isaiah 6:1-5- His place is Holy; therefore we need to be sanctified
      too. Also refer Psalms 15; 24:3,4; Hebrews 12:14, Matthew 5:8)
      ["Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy;
      without holiness no one will see the Lord" (Heb 12:14);]

      Scripture about Fathers place (Heven) ;

      1. "Now I am going to him who sent me" (John 16:5)
      2. It is Fathers place
      3. Stephen saw "Behold, I see the heavens opened up and the Son
      of Man standing at the right hand of God". (Acts 7:2). We have
      4. We have a "advocate ( Para-cca-leetha ) " In heaven.(1
      John 2:1 ) " Christ is seated at the right hand of God" (Col 3:1);
      our heart and treasure should be in heaven (Mat 6; 19:21)
      5. Heaven in eternal (2 Cori 5; 1; Matthew 25:46; John 10:28 ;1
      pet 1:4; 2 Pet 1:11; Rev 22:5; Psalm 23:6)
      6. The heaven has a throne (acts 7:49) and "the LORD is on his
      heavenly throne"
      7. God answers from the Heaven (Nehemiah 9:27; Psalms 20:6)
      8. He passes out Judgments from heaven. (Genesis 19:24; Romans
      9. The names of saints are written in heaven (Luke 10:20;
      Hebrews 12; 24)
      10. They will be rewarded in heaven (Matthew 5:12, 1 Peter 1:45)
      11. The other names used are
      a. store house (Matthew 3:12;;13;30),
      b. "It is the kingdom of the Christ and God" (Eph 5:5; 1 Tess
      2:12 ; Heb 12:28;Luke 22:29; Luke 12: 32; Mat 13:43),
      c. Father's house (John 14:2; John 14:2; Psalm 23:6; 2 Cori
      5:1 ; Rev 23)
      d. Mount Zion ( Rev 14:3; Heb 12;22 ;
      e. Hill of the Lord ( Psalm 24:3)
      f. Heavenly city ( Heb 11:10; 14,16; 12;22)
      Even if a person is praying alone, he is not alone. All who accept
      the Fatherhood of God are brothers themselves. Therefore we are all
      related not only to the God, but also to all human beings. Our Lord
      has emphasized in His teachings about not only of brotherly love but
      also love of the enemy too. (Mat 5:23, 24, 44, 46). Before one
      should pray one should avoid selfishness and pray for others too.
      "Our Father "
      In OT God is described in some places as Father of Israelites(Hosea
      11:1; Isaiah 64:8 etc) . But in most places God is describes as Holy
      God and Lord of the Hosts ( Isaiah 44:6-8 etc ) . But in Exodus
      34:6-7, God is shown as merciful and forgiver of sins. But it is
      Christ who showed Fatherhood of God and His character too. " One who
      has seen me has seen the Father"( John 14:9)
      Since God is the Father, the brotherhood is universal. That is not
      confined by race, country or even date. This is what our Lord
      showed through the parable of Good Samaritan.
      Since God is Father, we can approach Him always and loves us and
      forgives us and always considerate to us ( Matthew 10:30)
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