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  • Fr. John Kunjukunju
    Easter Greetings of peace and goodwill to all of you. Let us thank God for His countless mercies that enabled us to acquire a place of worship. Indeed, it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 26, 2002
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      Greetings of peace and goodwill to all of you. Let us thank God for
      His countless mercies that enabled us to acquire a place of worship.
      Indeed, it is worthy investment we made for the benefit of our
      youngsters. Resurrection is the condition of a deceased coming back
      to life. Elijah brought back the widow's son to life, 1 K 17-24.
      Elisha raised the Shunemite's son to life, 2 K 4:32-37. Jesus Christ
      raised Lazarus to life, Jn 11: 1-44, the son of Nain's widow, Lk 7:
      11-17, and Jairus' daughter, Mk 5: 22-24. These resurrections were
      temporary as all of them died again in due time. But there is another
      resurrection to immortality, which Jesus Christ alone offers to those
      who believe in Him.

      Jesus raised from the dead as the first fruit of the dead, 1 Cor
      15:20. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is unique because He never
      died again rather, defeated death. The cardinal gist of all gospels
      and the quintessential reason for the very beginning, existence and
      growth of Christianity was His resurrection from the dead.

      Numerous testimonies affirm the fact of Jesus' resurrection. Firstly,
      we have an empty tomb, Mat 28: 1-8, Mk 16:1-8, Lk 24:1-12, Jn 20: 1-
      10. The disciples' natural reaction of disbelief and wonder adduces
      beyond doubt that it was not a concocted story but a reality. This
      reality transformed the lives of the disciples. Jesus' arrest, unfair
      trials, rude persecution, crucifixion and shameful death on the
      cross, made the disciples cowardice, scared, frail and without hope.
      If Jesus had not resurrected they would have perished and there would
      have been no Christians. Peter proclaimed, "You crucified Him but God
      raised Him," Acts 4:10. Their boldness and fervor as recorded in the
      Bible sufficiently prove the reality of resurrection.

      But there are arguments against resurrection. (1) Jesus did not
      actually die but had only fainted and revived in the comfort of the
      tomb. The law forbids remaining the bodies on the cross on Sabbath.
      To ascertain death of the crucified victim before removal from the
      cross they went to break His legs. They did not break His legs as he
      had already died. Then they pierced his side. Blood and water
      gushedout, Jn 19:31-37. Blood disintegrates at death. Blood will come
      but not water when living body is pierced (like broken milk). (2)
      Illusion theory is that Mary Magdalene saw the gardener and mistook
      for Jesus. Jesus came into the room when it was shut and spoke to
      them, Jn 20: 19. He was also seen to Cephas, then the twelve and 500
      at a time, 1Cor 15:5-6. He walked and ate with them. (3)
      Hallucination theory has that, since the disciples were so fondly
      hoping for reunion with Jesus, in their utter imbroglio and unstable
      psyche they thought they saw Jesus. Truly, Mary did not expect
      resurrection but thought someone stole the body. Disciples also
      disbelieved, Mk 16:11. (4) Spiritual resurrection argument is that
      great men live through their teachings. Jesus lives like Confucius or
      Tolstoy. How then, the tomb was empty? Despite many archeological
      excavations remains of Jesus have never been found. Thus all the
      theories are absurd.

      Seven testimonies attest the reality of resurrection. 1, He pacified
      the fearful and trembling disciples, Jn 20:21. 2, He rebuked two men
      on the way to Emmaus, "O foolish ones and slow of heart," Lk 24:
      25.3, He exhorted Thomas, "not to be unbelieving but believing" Jn
      20:27. 4, He instructed Peter, "cast the net on the right side of the
      boat," Jn 20:6. 5, He initiated Peter's confession and commissioned
      him to feed the lambs and sheep, Jn 21:15-17. 6, Commanded to preach
      gospel to all creature unto the uttermost parts of the earth, Mk
      16:15. 7, He said, "I am with you always, even until the end of the
      world," Mat 28:20.

      Resurrection of Jesus gave us the hope of eternity. Can there be
      Christianity without the resurrection? Because Christ has risen we
      have assurance of resurrection. Since He lives we will also live with
      Him. If we have no hope of resurrection why Christ died? How
      forgiveness benefits us if we have no hope of resurrection? It would
      mean that God has no victory over death and all our ancestors are
      blasphemers and we still live in sin. The Church declares that Jesus
      Christ truly resurrected and that is our ultimate hope. May His peace
      be our anchor! Wish you Happy Easter.

      Fr. John K K, Vicar.
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