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"Why do we Hate?

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  • C Devidasan
    December 28, 2004 My dear Moderators, The world is full of dualities. Along with the happiness exists sorrow�����.. along with the light exists darkness�������
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      December 28, 2004

      My dear Moderators,

      The world is full of dualities. Along with the happiness exists sorrow�.. along with the light exists darkness�� along with the kindness exists cruelty, and along with the problems exits solutions too. When Mother Nature strikes, we cannot strike her back; but all we can do is to help those who are struck by the nature. �It is far from easy to determine whether she (Nature) has proved to be a kind parent or a merciless stepmother��Pitny The Elder (About the natural calamities)

      When fanaticism strikes humanity, it is time to strike back fanaticism, irrespective whether it is of religious or any other form of fanaticism. The brutal attack on Rev. Fr. Saji Abraham vicar of St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Banswara, Rajasthan by �Hindu fanatics� was unfortunate and therefore condemnable.

      The word �Guru�, a Sanskrit word stands for �Dispeller of darkness� (The Bhagavat Gita Ver 17) �Gu� means darkness and �Ru� means �that which dispels.� �Fanaticism� as I understand it is a �self inflicted blindness� and at any cost it needs to be wiped out from the face of the earth. The �Law� as I understand is �an iron hand with a velvet glouse.� It is time that the hand comes out of the glouse and removes the �self inflicted blindness� and protects �Gurus� like Fr. Saji Abraham.

      But why do people hate? I gave it a serious thought to this question and the following is the result of that study, an article �Why do we Hate?� It is slightly lengthy; but I hope it throws some light to the burning and most relevant question of modern world faces today, Why do we hate?

      Kind regards,
      C Devidasan
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      Why do we Hate?

      The feeling of love, hate, happiness, sorrow, anger, compassion, grudge, vengeance, pity, sympathy��they all originate from one place, the mind. We do not know where does the mind exists; but we do know that it exists, probably somewhere inside our brain. The feelings we experience are as a result of mind�s reactions to the incidents that happen in our life daily life.

      But why does the mind react? Well, we do not know why it does so, but we do know for sure that it does. A beautiful flower gives us a feeling of joy. But if someone tries to crush it, we feel sad or angry. When we witness cruelty, we feel disturbed and a sense of disrespect or even hatred is generated in our mind against that person who is indulging in cruelty. Let us examine what makes the mind to react?

      Our mind�s reactions depend upon its perceptions about facts which come before its �eyes�. When we meet a �good� man, we develop a liking for him and if he is bad, just opposite happens. Mind reacts positively to good things and negatively to bad things. But what if mind perceives a true gentleman as a bad character, persuading you to dislike him? What happens if mind perceives a holy angel as the traitor and persuades you to kill him? Sometimes, we are mistakenly disliked or misunderstood by our friends for no fault of ours. How does it happen? It is because what mind perceives as �true� is �not always necessarily be actually true� where as for mind, what it perceives as �true� is �actually true� even if it is �actually and factually false.� However, based on its perception it persuades you to �like�, �dislike� or feel �happy�, �unhappy�, �angry� �calm or cool.�

      * Mr. L Ron Hubbard who was an authority on how mind works, talks about Affinity or degree of liking one has towards another person. �This�, he says, �depends up on Reality.� By reality what he meant is not the physical reality, but what �one has perceived as reality� about a thing or a situation. Similarly, what the other person feels real about you irrespective of the fact that whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, determines the level of affinity he has towards you. If he perceives the good deeds you have done for his benefits as bad and undesirable, his affinity towards you would definitely go down.

      One of the major reasons for men to have negative feelings is wrong understanding drawn out of incorrect perception of facts. Mind process the inputs that have been passed on to it. If inputs are wrong, its perceptions would be wrong and therefore one gets wrong understanding. If we develop genuine interests in others, we can get to know a person �as he is� and not what we �believe he is�. We seldom are interested in others and often only interested in ourselves. This makes us self centered, egoistic and arrogant and we fall pray to negative emotions like hatred, anger, vengeance, etc. When people are under negative emotions and wrong perceptions, they fight for wrong causes. Bin Laden destroyed innocent lives and property in the name of Allah--what a wrong perception of the great teachings of $Prophet Mohammad! Nathuram Godsey Killed Mahatma Gandhi. Hitler gased millions to death. People did not even leave the Son of God; they nailed him on to the cross to die. **�Forgive them Father! They do not know what they are doing�

      �Man by nature is �Good� wrote Hubbard. An infant does not know how to hate; it only knows how to love. Love, therefore, is a natural emotion while hatred a �learned one.� The web of our emotions is the manifestation of our mind�s reactions and therefore it is extremely important to know and understand it thoroughly for maintaining a healthy mind and body. �A trained dog is a Great friend. If you don�t train the mind, then your life goes haywire, just as an untrained dog can be a nuisance at home�, says ~Swami Sukhbodhananda. Understanding our emotions is the first step. If we cannot do that, we cannot control it. Hate is like a house on fire. If not controlled in time, it would destroy the house completely. Anger is worthless than it costs like the boneless tongue has the power to break your back. Similarly, love costs nothing; but when abused, you pay heavily for it. When our perceptions are correct, we do not fall pray to negative emotions. Instead we look into our mind to see our conscience and take his advice to thwart the feeling of hatred and when hated, we instruct our mind to forgive the one who hate us. �Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet realizes as the foot crushes it�, Mark Twain. ~~ �And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear. And Jesus answered and said, Suffer, ye thus far. And he touched his ear and healed him�

      Our emotions give us various feelings including hurt. When abused, cheated and misunderstood by our beloved ones, we feel hurt. Hurt could paralyze and kill us emotionally. +Many psychosomatic deceases are caused as a result of excessive effect of negative emotions in our mind. Meditation helps us to handle the mind and make it a fertile land for the good thoughts to grow and prosper. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there are no disturbances, Peace means to be in the midst of all problems and still be calm in your heart. ++Dr. Paul Carls the recently slain missionary-doctor in the African country of Kongo always experienced peace in heart despite threats to life, through prayers and meditation. It is impossible for us to be angry and laugh at the same time��.and we have the power to choose either. When we train the mind like a dog, it gives us the power to choose what we want to choose. When we train the mind like a dog, it would follow our instructions. We cannotimagine a traumatic face of the Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Budha or Mahavir Jain when all of them faced tones of disturbances when they lived and walked on this earth.

      Spictetus said 2000 years ago. �It is not he who gives abuse that affronts, but the view that we take of it. Your hurt comes from not what others do to you, but from what you choose to do with their actions. If you change your attitude about the hurt, you will soon find your victim status eliminated.�

      C Devidasan,

      * Mr. L Ron Hubbard was a great humanitarian and founder of Scientology and Dia-netics. �Scio� is a Latin word for �Knowledge� and �Logos� stands for �Study.� Scientology, therefore, is the study of knowledge. In simple terms it means that, Scientology is �the study of knowledge which already exists�

      �Dia� is a Greek word for �through� and �Nous� stands for mind. Dianetics, therefore, is the study of mind. According to Mr Hubbard, our mind records and stores every image of life in the form of �pictures� containing colour, sound and even smell which can be replayed like a movie film whenever we want. While pleasant memories or images are stored in �Analytical mind� the unpleasant and traumatic experience are stored in Reactive Mind in the form of what he call �Engrams.� These engrams containing traumatic experiences often prevail upon a person making him behave irrational, wild and without even knowing why he behaves in such a fashion when under stress or anger. Mr Hubbard developed a system called �Auditing� through which he removed these Engrams from the minds of people making them �normal,� and handle adverse emotions successfully. In 1969 he set up NARCONON to fight drug abuse and drug rehabilitation through Dianetics and Scientology principles. Today Scientology has offices in more than 70 countries including in India. He passed away in 1989.

      $ Prophet Mohammad was born in early 8th century BC and was the founder of the religion of Islam.

      ** Luke 21:32-34 (Bible)

      ~ Swami Sukhbodhananda is spiritual teacher and a modern Management guru. His base is in Karnataka And has centres at many parts of the world. His book �manase saanthamaku� (Mind, relax) written in Tamil and translated in to several languages deals with various aspect of mind and is a best seller.

      ~~ Luke 22:50-51 (Bible)

      + Psycho refers to mind and somatic refers to body; the term psychosomatic means the mind making the body ill or illness which have been created physically within the body by derangement of the mind.

      ++ From the Article �The Peace Of Christmas� by Rev. Fr. Dr. Biji Chirathilattu and published on December 24, 2004 in SOCM-Forum
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        Greetings in HIS name

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