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Re: Peace talks

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  • Thomas Abraham
    Dear KEFA boys & others Reference to your msg about the proposed peace talks initiated by USA members of ICON, specially quoting one msg of E.S.John. Reply
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2004
      Dear KEFA boys & others

      Reference to your msg about the proposed 'peace talks' initiated by USA members of ICON, specially quoting one msg of E.S.John. Reply for him is given by their own member Mr. Thomas George. You may have read it also.

      He says:

      [[["As Johnachen has rightly pointed out we had been living in Utopia for a long long time . And it seems that some of us like E S John, Australia and Thomas P still continue to live in Utopia.

      But my suggestion is to think on the subject without prejudice, after getting
      atleast some knowledge on the ground reality in northern dioceses.

      Ofcourse we can formulate our own opinion on church issue sitting in another part of the globe. But it will be miles away from the facts.

      As a person living in kerala, and living in the north for past five years my humble suggestion to Rev P S Samuel is;

      1. Let us part ways with the jacobites. There is no way of subjugating them with court orders especially after the 2003 High court order.

      ( Many of our ultra extremist members seem to be unaware of this order. The Supreme Court even after one and a half years havent given us a stay on the above and any kid advocate in cochin knows that there is no way of getting a reverse order on the above ruling whether its nariman or another man appearing for us)

      2. Let the parting be on a majority basis on every church.

      3.Let the minority in every church be given appropirate compensation depending on the assets of the church.

      4. Let there be a decision to share the cemetry on a long term basis or a
      short term basis, depending on the will of the parishers of the church. "]]]

      It seems that there are some genuine ideas coming from the PEOPLE of methran kaskshi, knowing the ground realities, but how well it will be received by their heirarchy is the question!! Specially the methrans who defected to that side from the original church, who will be the losers there in any peace movement and still continue to live in an utopia. Their heirarchy seems being carried away by the advises of these opportunists. As you correctly pointed out, it is interesting to note that the priests who argued for the original Church until recently, and switched over their loyalty and faith overnight like Judas, are the ones now fervently asking for removing Patriarch's name from the Thubden!!!!! They are the problem makers in that group.

      However, let us hope for the best. If the Methran Kaskshi group want peace and coexistence, let us try for it, but with caution and not to be carried away in any future negotiations. Let the Holy Spirit guide their leaders for it and not the vested interests of some people. We should also pray for them.


      Thomas Abraham
      St. Peter's J.S.O. Church - Bahrain
      St. Mary's Cathedral - Manarcad
      Member ID # 0879
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