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Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 5 - lesson 6

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    Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 5 - lesson 6 [more on humility ����� translator ] Lord taught others about humility. A. He taught His
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
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      Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 5 - lesson 6

      [more on humility � translator ]
      Lord taught others about humility.
      A. He taught His disciples to humble themselves as little children (Matthew
      B. He taught His disciples to be ministers and servants instead of kings and
      princes (Matthew 20:25-28).
      C. He taught His disciples to be servants instead of masters (Matthew
      D. He taught His disciples to be servants of all to be first and greatest of
      all (Mark 9:33-35).
      E. He taught His disciples to be least of all to be the greatest of all
      (Luke 9:46-48).
      F. He taught His disciples to take the lowest position to reach the highest
      position (Luke 14:7-11).
      G. He taught the religious but lost to be like the publican instead of like
      the Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14).
      II. Lord practiced humility.
      A. He took upon Himself the form of a servant (Phil. 2:7).
      B. He was made in the likeness of men (Phil. 2:7).
      C. He was found in fashion as a man (Phil. 2:8).
      D. He voluntarily became poor for the sake of God�s elect (2 Cori. 8:9).
      E. He was born in a stable and laid in a manger (Luke 2:7).
      F. He was raised in a poor family (Luke 2:22-24).
      G. He grew up in the wicked place called Nazareth (John 1:46).
      H. He had nowhere to lay His head (Luke 9:58).
      I. He was a friend to publicans and sinners (Matthew 11:19).
      J. He allowed Himself to be anointed by a sinful woman (Luke 7:36-39,44-48).
      K. He washed His disciples� feet (John 13:3-5, 12-17).
      L. He became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross (Phil. 2:8).
      M. He was buried in a borrowed tomb (Matthew 27:57-60).

      Regarding Humility ,
      1. A true Christian should be humble ( Colos 3:12;1 Peter 5:5;Eph 4:1,2;)
      2. A characteristic of saints (Psalms 34:2 )
      3. Necessary to the service of God (Micah 6:8 )
      4. The result of humility is fear of the Lord, wealth, honor, and life.
      (prob 22:4)
      5. God's afflictions intended to produce humility (Levi 26:41; Deut 8:3;
      Lament 3:20 )
      6. Lord Jesus Christ showed us the example of humilty (Matt 11:29; John
      13:14,15; Phili 2:5-8 )
      Those who have humility

      1. Regarded by God (Psalms 138:6; Isa 66:2 )
      2. Heard by God (Psalms 9:12; Isa 10:17 ;2 Chroni 7:14; 12:6,7 )
      3. Blessed by God ( Mat 5:3)
      4. Saves the humble (2 Samuel 22:28; Psalms 18:27)
      5. Will sin if you are not humble (2 Chronicles 33:23)
      6. God will be with them and save them (Isa 57:15;Job 22:29 ;5:11; Psalms
      138:6; Psalms 147:6)
      7. Exalted by God (Luke 14:11; 18:14 ; (James 4:10 )
      8. Are greatest in Christ�s kingdom (Mat 18:4; 20:26-28 )
      9. Receive more grace (Proverbs 3:34; James 4:6; Psalms 25:9 )
      10. precedes before honor comes. (Proverbs 18:12; 29:23;Proverbs 15:33 ;
      Proverbs 18:12
      11. will be happy (Matthew 5:5)
      (Ref : Torrey's Topical Textbook on humility)
      some versus to remember
      �The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes himself
      humble like this child�( Mat 18:4)
      Always be humble, gentle, and patient, accepting each other in love.( Eph
      Be humble under God's powerful hand so he will lift you up when the right
      time comes. ( 1 Peter 5:6)
      You save the humble, but you bring down those who are proud. ( Psalms 18:27)
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      name of the member who posts this message as per his request.
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