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Peace talks

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  • KEFA-NY Chapter
    Dear Faithful, I am pretty sure that most of you have read the postings on IO Forum about how their faction is going to bring �����Peace����� with the Syrian
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2004
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      Dear Faithful,

      I am pretty sure that most of you have read the postings on IO Forum about how their faction is going to bring �Peace� with the Syrian Orthodox Church. I know it is none of our business what a fellow church is doing, but it is hard not to comment when our Holy Patriarch is mentioned in every one of these posting.

      One thing we noticed over these years is that the most hatred displayed toward us are from the ones who were once one with us and then �switched� sides to join the other faction. It is hypocrisy to new levels and humorous when Achens who recently switched sides claim �It was the Jacobites who separated from the Indian Orthodox�, �We have to be released from the grips of the Patriarch�, �Patriarch�s name should be removed from the Thubden� "us" "they" etc etc� If they do not honor His Holiness how do these Achens and Bishops, who got their priesthood from this same Patriarch, value their own priesthood?

      We are pretty sure in the coming months the infamous cycle of �Peace� proposals from Methran Khazi will start. Just our humble opinion, If we ever seriously have peace talks with Methran Khazi Group it should never be with the defected Priests or Bishops who �Switched� sides. After running off with the properties of the Syrian Orthodox Church and causing so much pain and damage to our church how can these people come and talk peace with us. Peace talks should only be conducted with genuine Methran Kazhi Bishops.

      An E.S. John wrote in the IO forum �Yielding to religious terrorism, in my opinion, is the demise of true faith and worship. The might has proved to be right. If the Antiochian faction wants to segregate from us, it is their freedom, let them do whatever they want. But they don't have any claim to the property of the Malankara Orthodox church; custodian of the same is our Catholicos in par with the Supreme Court verdict, not the Antiochian defacto one. However, for the sake of avoiding bloodshed, if we are thinking of giving some parish property as a parting gift to them,�

      It is humorous to see educated fools living in a fool�s paradise. If as per the Supreme Court verdict their Catholicose is the custodian of all the churches in Kerala why does he have to go to this same Supreme Court to ask for police protection to enter these church churches and get denied? We live in an age where information and news is available in real time and still very educated people are covering their eyes with their hands in broad daylight and claiming it is dark outside. And these threats like �Albalam� �avoiding bloodshed� we have heard plenty. But what has happened? Even a child would laugh at these threats living in today�s age.

      Theshbuhatho Laloho
      Knights of Eternal Fraternity with Antioch.
      NY Chapter
      Member ID 0900
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