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Some church practices questioned - Part 1

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  • Paul Reji
    Basptism of infants: Church teaches the infants should be baptized. This was the practice in early church and in OT church ( circumcision). But the way that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004
      Basptism of infants:

      Church teaches the infants should be baptized. This was the practice in early church and in OT church ( circumcision). But the way that is done needs to be careful.

      Some priests dips a stick ( or a spoon) in an empty jar containing "Holy Mooron " and do a cross on the infant while baptizing the infants. These priests are cheating the people. Because the baptism is not complete as this is a baptism by water only ( like that of John the Baptist). Therefor Holy Spirit has not dwelled on such baptized infants.

      "The children should not be baptized with our Holy Moorn , because such baptism is not complete".

      How it is done is as below

      1) The priests should pour Holy Mooron to the water before infants enter into the water.

      2) The priest has to pour one drop each in east and west side and one drop for both South and North side. This three drops represt Holy Trinity. While doing this the priest has to recite the required prayers.

      3) While the priest annoints the infant, the thumb of the right hand( of the priest) should be placed on the mouth of the Jar ( which contain Holy Mooron ). Now the bottle is tilted a little so the Holy Mooron touches the thumb. Now use that thumb to mark the forhead of the infant.

      4) During the end of the baptism, while the child is about to enter from the water, the priest should pour some Holy Mooron on the right hand and hold the child with his left hand. Now use the Holy Mooron in the right hand to annoint the child as follows. First place right hand ( of the priest) on the head annoint head. Then annoint right side starting right ear, face and right side body up to right feet and toe. Now the whole of right side is anointed. Then starting from left toe annoint the whole left side body till the priests hand reach left side of head. Thus the anointing has to be done like a invicible dress all over the body. After anointing, there should not be any place on the body where "Holy Mooron" is not anointed.

      5) Now spread a clean cloth in the hands of the "god father"( or mother). After the priests completes the baptism the god-father should take the infant in the hands ( holding in front). Then the infants should be taken to the "Madbaha" and carry him around the "thronos" 3 times. ( procession .)

      6) The child has to attend the Holy Qurbana then.

      7) Then the god-father( or mother) should take the child from the priest and carry him to the home with a candle in the hand.

      8) Next day the cloth which on which the child was wrapped is to be changed and washed. while washing this water should be taken back to the church and pour in the baptismal tank. Thus the the baptism is complete.

      9) such baptised children are children of Heavenly Father and brothers to Messiah.

      This whole text is taken from the Apostolic bull of HH Ignatious Peter 111. I am not sure when this is written but some time in late 19th century. I tried to translate well. But this copy, which was in malayalam is not what we use now. Hopefully I did justice to the message. If any preists read this and there is correction or addition or alternate way of doing things please write.


      Paul Philipose
      St. Ignatious Syrian Orthodox Chruch
      Member ID # 0901
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