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  • V Thomas
    Dear Sir, From beginning till end the church is one and will stay so in the eyes of faithful and God ,as stated in our creed. It is also described as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2002
      Dear Sir,

      From beginning till end the church is one and will stay so in the eyes
      of faithful and God ,as stated in our creed.
      It is also described as the bride biblically.
      Hence where is the question of it being one only before Chalcedon?
      The church in Kerala was one from the beginning.
      Only when vested interest came they tried to divide that.
      To drive people away from God.(Can you give one good reasons for this
      cases and schism created by MM and company other than that?)
      To list
      1.Jesuits with help of Portuguese.
      2.Church of England through British
      3.MM and company.
      They started teaching us what they think is more correct and relevant.What
      existed earlier is wrong.Hence administrative divisions started coming in.
      But the church of Antioch where Holy Ghost directed people to become
      Christians is the one and only church.Later divisions were all for selfish
      Each and every one is accountable for his actions and are responsible to God
      There is thread of His grace running through them all,irrespective of their
      God will raise,Good shepherds,from to time to nurse them.(Like Parumala
      thirumeni,Elias Bava,
      Eldo bava,mother Theresa and other saints in the whole Christendom.)
      Some foxes also will come pretending as shepherds and saints to hurt
      them.(What other justification
      is there to declare Vattseril thirumeni a saint when he has cheated Elias
      bava who is a saint.This is wordily
      act,not of God.)But God will guard his faithful and keep them in his fold.
      Hence sire,(you may be a bishop or priest) try to obey the Head of church
      first and,accept him.Our Zakka I is very pious
      and good person.The first speech he gave after becoming Patriarch was that
      he wants peace among
      his flocks in Malankara.But you have been quoting all history and
      statistics so far only to belittle HH.
      We the sheep can recognise our masters voice!!

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      > Before Chalcedon (even after Chalcedon), the church was one and
      > the "Church of Anthioc" constituted large number of Greek speaking
      > members. Church also had many Greek speaking bishops and Patriarchs.
      > Thus, how can we say that name of the church is "idto suryoyto"?
      > Even after Chalcedon, accepting the "Henatikon" of Emperor Zeno,
      > large number of Greek speaking Orthodox became part of the Church,
      > especially when St. Severus was the Patriarch. Thus it is incorrect
      > to say that "Church of Anthioc" is just the "Syrian Church".
      > Thomas
      > --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "drthomas_joseph" <thomas_joseph@h...> wrote:
      > > The historical name of the Church in Syriac is `idto suryoyto
      > > treeysath shubho. '`idto' means Church and is a feminine noun in
      > > Syriac (Note that the Syriac language gender-types all
      > > nouns). 'suryoyto' is an adjective which is the feminine form
      > > of 'suryoyo' (feminine since it modifies a feminine noun).
      > >
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