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Syrian Vs Syriac

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  • V Thomas
    BlankDear All, Once a friend of me a ,learned person, told me it not correct to use the word Jacobite as it is nick name.I told him so also Nazarani is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2002
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      Dear All,
      Once a friend of me a ,learned person, told me it not correct to use the word
      'Jacobite' as it is nick name.I told him so also'Nazarani' is a nickname
      and if you are happy to be Nzarani you can also be Jacobite.
      Syria who got the name from the language spoken there viz syriac.
      was very important place  towards end of the Roman empire
      as it starts spreding towards europe and rest of the world.
      Syriac was a living language then.The people of the place spoke that
      language.They were called syrians.Later it became the birth place of christanity.
      Hence the  christians of that place using syric as their language became syrian
      christians.The same palce is divided now into different  states
      and are fully occupied by Arabs speaking Arabic.The syriac
      language is now only used by us(except one palce in syria where it it is still spoken.
      This is parallel to a village in Karnataka where sanskrit spoken,still).
      Now even U.N recognize syrians ,by the word,the Arabic speaking people
      of syria.Syriac being our orginal liturgical language ,and we still learn and respect the same.
      We belive it as our Lords language!!
      Hence it is  more appropriate to call us as "Syriac Orthodox chruch." to distingush us from the syrian nationals.
      (This is very simple logic  and common sense which the scholars may not undestand.)
      Now for those who oppose change should also think we were never called orthodox
      until recently.All our old churches are like .St Marys/St.Geroge--- Jacobite syrian church
      If the new inclusion of orthdox is acceptable, the reasonable change to syriac orthodox
      church must also  be acceptable.
      I am proud to be called,Nazarani,jacobite and syriac orthodox christian.!!!
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