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Glimpses on the Holy Father's Apostolic visit - Part IV

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  • Jacob V Joshua
    You see that you are accomplishing nothing. Look, the world has gone after Him! John 12:19 No doubt, the visit will remain in our mind as an everlasting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2004
      "You see that you are accomplishing nothing.
      Look, the world has gone after Him!" John 12:19

      No doubt, the visit will remain in our mind as an everlasting memory of a unique occasion for which everybody will not be lucky to witness during his or her lifetime. Our great nation has been blessed abundantly as it happened during the previous visits of the Holy Father. Our Church in India has been abundantly blessed. All the people irrespective of caste, creed, religion or denominations joined together to welcome the Holy Father and felt blessed by this Holy Apostolic Visit. The name "Anthiyochea Pathriyarkees Bawa" is very much common and known to all the people of Kerala from 3rd century onwards. This fact was visible everywhere in Kerala and it reminded me of the time of the Christ when the multitude followed Jesus everywhere. As a matter of fact, something extra-ordinary and divine power was felt by each and every one. It is difficult for me to find suitable words to express the feelings, which I have gone through during those ten days in Kerala and Delhi. Truly, the world has gone after this Holy Father and nobody could check or stop the multitude/folk from going to the true shepherd. A few disgruntled individuals raised some hue and cry and made some unreasonable objections to the visit, who later became bewildered, disillusioned and humiliated in the eyes of the public. His Holiness mentioned during every meetings/speeches "my beloved brother in Christ, His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas the First, the Catholicose of India has invited me to see my spiritual children and to be with them as I love India, its people and the rulers here". The children have got the right to invite their father to their houses. How one of the neighbors could object to this? Of course, the neighbor who objects, must have some guilty consciousness or some kind of ill feeling and hence, he could not tolerate the festive mood and the happy celebrations in his neighbor's (or enemy?) house as he must have committed some serious crime or plotted some conspiracy and thereby unable to face them.

      The visit has undoubtedly proved that the centuries old relationship between the Malankara Church and the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch shall not be eliminated or changed or removed by any power/s on this earth. It is a well-established fact that the Church in India is incomplete or could not survive without this canonical, historical and spiritual bond/relationship. Once again it was evident that the Holy Apostolic Throne of Antioch is very much concerned and is ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of the Malankara Church so that it should remain and continue with the mainstream of the "Mother of all the Churches in the world". This care, love and affection will remain forever unaltered and the Malankara Church is proud of its apostolic traditions and the spiritual hierarchy it enjoys under the Holy See of Antioch and all the East.

      God willing, next postings will contain the detailed 'eye witness report' of all the major events during the Holy Father's visit to India 2004.

      Jacob V Joshua
      St. Peter's JSO Cathedral, New Delhi
      St. Ignatius JS Church, Vazhamuttom East, PTA, Kerala
      Member ID # 0911
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