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Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 4 - lesson 3

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    Chapter 4 ; Lesson 3 ===================== Verse 4;11 Behold, angels came and ministered to Him Some people teach that the devil did not approach him
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      Chapter 4 ; Lesson 3
      Verse 4;11 "Behold, angels came and ministered to Him" Some people teach that the devil did not approach him directly. Instead the testing was thought our Lords thoughts. This verse shows that is not correct. The church fathers say that since the angels came for real, so did devil. Combine this with Luke 22:43 where angel came to strengthen Him. Though angels are spirit beings (Psalm 104; 4; Hebrews 1; 4), they can appear in human form and talk (Gen 19:1; Gen 3; 2; Numbers 22:22-31; Judges 2:1 6:11,22 13; 3,6; 1 chronicles 21:16,20, Mathew 1; 20; Luke 1; 26; John 20:12; Acts 7; 30; 12; 7,8)

      Each passage Jesus quoted back to Satan in this section comes from Deuteronomy chapters 6 and 8. Since there was no one near our Lord during these testing times, we can guess that our Lord Himself told this to the Apostles.

      V 12- 17 – in Capernaum. The first Galilean ministry.( Ref : Mark 1;14; Luke 4;14; 15)

      verse 4:12 "heard that John was delivered up," John the Baptist was imprisoned at "fortress of Machaerus" ((Antiq., 18, 5, 2) by Hedrod Antipas.

      The reason why he was imprisoned is in Mathew 3:3-12

      "He retired to Galilee"

      The same forces that persecuted John would have persecuted the One John witnessed too. John Chrisostom says ` we should not jump into dangers and if we are in a danger we should tolerate it as a man `

      Galilee an area of about 60 by 30 miles was west of Palestine. It is bordered by Sea of Galilee in the east, Syrian in the Northeast. Josephus says that there were some 204 villages with none having less than 15,000 people. The people were brave and quick decision makers. The way of the sea from Damascus to Egypt was thorough Galilee.

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