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Identity crisis and more

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear All, Sad for me that I had been unaware of all happenings in our forum for quite some time.For all who had mailed me in these days,thanks for that and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2 7:59 AM
      Dear All,

      Sad for me that I had been 'unaware' of all happenings in our forum for quite some time.For all who had mailed me in these days,thanks for that and I am replying for all those mails now.Consciously, I had spend some time today to read all those pending mails in our forum.Eventhough it was little troublesome, it is really great to see that we have near too 500 postings in the last one month. I thought of sending in one consolidated mail for all that I wanted to address in those bulk of mails.


      Really happy to know that fake identities are brought out one by one.I am a person who is proud of my identity and cant understand why people hide behind fake names while speaking in public.

      Anyway, I should accept that it was real great brain work to use a decon's status and a known church name to prove something which is unsubstantiated. Whoever you are, congrats and keep going.We will meet you sooner or later

      In this regard, I request you to let me know of my Member ID.

      Dear Gleeson,

      Thanks for your words "Dont be worried. Nothing as you fear will happen during HH's visit to malankara.We can be fools once. But how can we be fools twice."

      I was really concerned as I had heard from different sources.Both IOC side and JSOC side.As always, those were all manipulated news reports at Central Travancore which rises from nowhere other than Devalokam and Mr.Karackkel.

      Dear Mr. Jai Abe Cherian,

      There is one more church in Bangalore area
      St Gregorius JSO Chapel, Madiwala
      Vicar : Rev Fr.Shibu
      This is a chapel of Queen's Road St.Mary's Cathedral.If you need the contact details,let me know.

      In this regard I request prayers from all our forum members as the construction of this new church is about to start now.

      Dear Rahul S Joseph,

      Nice quote from you "I am really afriad what answers we can say to our Lord Jesus during the judgement day for fighting each other and bringing shame to name of GOD in frontof non christains"

      Your concern for us is appreciated but please dont mind my sincere reply reply "Please dont worry about us as we know what answers we will be giving at that time.Please be concerned about you and your loved ones"

      Dear All,

      Read the article at Malankara Deepam from Fr. C J George Thumpamon


      Just another example of frustration,fury and fradulence when someone realizes failure to keep hold of the sand beneath.

      Alex Jojo Joseph
      St.George JSO Chapel, Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla
      St.Mary's JSO Cathedral, Queen's Road, Bangalore
      Member ID # 0910
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