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Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St. Matthew : Chapter 4 - lesson 1

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    Chapter 4 ; Lesson 1 ===================== Fasting and testing of Jesus Christ. (Also refer Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4; 1-13; [compare to Genesis 3-6) Verse 4:1:
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      Chapter 4 ; Lesson 1
      Fasting and testing of Jesus Christ.

      (Also refer Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4; 1-13; [compare to Genesis 3-6)

      Verse 4:1: "Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be
      tempted by the Calumniator "( Devil)

      Calumniator. (meaning : One who has made deception, lie as food) He
      got this name by tricking Eve into sin. So He is temping our Lord
      who came to mend that sin. Whenever one takes gifts of God like
      Baptism or Priesthood one gets associated to God more. So such
      people will be tempted by Devil, just like he tempted Adam who was
      created in God's image. At that time one should defeat the Evil
      with sword of God's words. Devil defeated first Adam. Second Adam
      defeated devil.

      "Jesus led by the Holy Spirit into the desert'. Lord agrees to it
      and it shows Jesus is complete man. This desert is located between
      Jerusalem and Jericho.
      [ Refer this map http://www.historicjesus.com/maps/places.html%5d

      St. Christotom says ` We are tested because ,
      1) to convince ourselves that we have become more powerful.
      2) This happens when we have received a lot of Gifts of God ,
      and so we should not feel proud, because of the nobility of the
      Gifts of God.
      3) In order for us to become more powerful
      4) In order us for us to become the symbol of great asset God
      has given to us.

      The traps of the devil are kept for the consecrated people. St.
      Gregarious says that it was Holy Spirit who lead the Lord. .

      St Jerome says ` He was lead not like a prisoner but because of His
      wish for a battle with Satan.'

      The traps of the devil are targeted to the righteous people. St.
      Gregory emphasizes that it was Holy Spirit who led our Lord.

      Why did Jesus Christ allowed devil to tempt Him? St. Augustine while
      explaining why Jesus Christ has been tempted says `Not only gives
      His help in our temptations, but since He is our only Mediator, He
      was showing us a model'

      The word "Lead " does not mean that Jesus Christ was in any way
      lesser than Holy Spirit. Didn't Andrew lead St. Peter? St. Jerome
      says that He was lead by Holy Spirit not like a prisoner but for the
      wish to fight against the Devil. The Devil tries to test us when we
      are alone. (He tested Eve when she was alone without her husband,
      Adam nearby). It is not Christ alone that is let into the desert.
      Any sons of God who has Holy Spirit dwelling in them, will be
      tempted. They cannot be lazy. Holy Spirit will guide them to do
      some dignified act.
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      This is based on the interpretation of Kaniyamparmabil achan. We withheld the name of the member who posts this message as per his request.
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