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Structure in Our Church

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  • George Aramath
    Please provide feedback to this question concerning our church. I hope that I m not repeating a question already asked. It s a common understanding among
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2004
      Please provide feedback to this question concerning our church. I hope that I'm not repeating a question already asked.

      It's a common understanding among historians that the Syrian Orthodox Church is one of ancient churches. Throughout our history, many have left the church due to various reasons, forming other denominations such as CSI, Mar Thoma, now Orthodox Syrian, etc. But we have stood by the faith and traditions of "the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church". And this is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.

      But it baffles me to see that our church is still trying to organize itself. We have only recently written a Constitution in both India and the Malankara Church in North America. And I know that this only took place when the need arouse. Is it right to think that many problems would have been avoided had this been done earlier?

      Other things such as a Seminary for future priests, a Church headquarters, unified Sunday School text, etc. have been developed only recently. When one looks at the growth of other churches, such as Roman Catholic & Mar Thoma, they have a well built (though not perfect) system set in place. Why is it that our church is only beginning to get organized?

      Some reasons are due to the headache caused by 'revolutionists'. For example, we have recently been using most of our resources on court cases against the new group that selfishly seeks independence. In America, we initially had to start over when Indians immigrated into a new land with no churches. Then, we had to deal with headaches caused by Mor Nicholovas and others. Hopefully, under the leadership of Mor Titus, our Archdiocese will prosper.

      Nonetheless, we still need to make many necessary changes to have a well-organized church that's ready for any future problems. History is bound to repeat itself.

      In getting back to the question at hand, one usually thinks that time allows for improvement and positive changes. Our church has had that time for thousands of years. But why then is our ancient Church not also the well-structured church?

      God Bless,
      George Aramath
      St. Ignatious, Dallas
      Member ID # 0892
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