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Dukhrono o Mor Gregorios

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  • Mike Wingert
    Dukhronokh o mor Gregorios Horko wal el bashmayo Waylen dyaqar dookhronokh Net adroon baSlawothokh November 2nd marks the commemoration of St. Gregorios
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2004
      Dukhronokh o mor Gregorios
      Horko wal'el bashmayo
      Waylen dyaqar dookhronokh
      Net'adroon baSlawothokh

      November 2nd marks the commemoration of St. Gregorios Gewargis, bishop of Parumala. I'm sure that much can be said of Mor Gregorios' life, and much will be said by many for years to come. We see Mor Gregorios in many people today, because he became a lamp illuminating souls, emulating True Light of True light, who enlightens all creation.

      Take some time to not only read about St. Gregorios, but to also emulate his life. He was humble, because our Lord Christ humbled Himself. Though, I don't think St. Gregorios would care much for us today discussing his humility, rather I suspect he would pray for us to become humble ourselves. We can be assured of his prayers for us when we inhale the sweet fragrance of incense, which is the prayers of the saints (Revelation 5:8).

      May his prayers be a stronghold for us, let us pray to the Lord:

      Lord have mercy.

      Mike Wingert
      St. Mary's Simhasana JSOC
      Santa Fe Springs, CA
      Member ID # 0902
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