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Humble Tribute to St. Gregorious , Parumala

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  • Kuriakose George
    Dear Moderators Find enclosed my humble tribute St. Gregoirous , Parumala in the form a Travelogue by my son, Alex K George on the occasion of saints
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2004
      Dear Moderators

      Find enclosed my humble tribute St. Gregoirous , Parumala in the form a Travelogue by my son, Alex K George on the occasion of saints rememberance day ( Nov. 2.).

      Kuriakose George
      St. JOC MV-III
      St. Mary�s JOC Marady
      Member ID # 0893


      One pleasant day , Dad was out to office and our Mom busy in kitchen preparing sumptuous lunch. We ( I and my sister - Ann) were as usual in a holiday mood and busy with our monkey business , found a fine bonded thick book written � Joyous moments� . We together decided to grab the same from upper drawer of the bookshelf and I sought my sister�s help. She attempted to push me up, but poor girl she could n�t succeed. I told her to bring a stool from the kitchen without mother�s knowledge. She not only bought the stool but also with a message that the aroma of the curry in preparation are good for our appetite. Any way we could managed to get the book . While looking through it, incidentally, we came across of a picture in which an achen( priest) holding a crying infant in his arm surrounded by few people and the baby desperately looking at our Mom for help. �Look! Brother, how cute this baby is! it is your picture!� Ann said loudly. � Please keep quite, Mom will scold us� I replied. � No, No it is you Ann, because I rember , when I born, 1 completed 5 years and as big as I am today�. I said to her . My sister was so confused and humiliated by look of body of baby and started loud arguments invited Mom�s attention and an order came from the Kitchen � Ann, Come here, bring your book and do your home work! �. Suddenly she slipped away to kitchen after striking me with her fist on revenge as I stirred vaguely through my memory.

      One fine morning we left our grand papa�s house on a journey to a church. A drizzling rain at Kerala helped us to cool our heels and lush green coconut farms gives me anxiety. After a tedious and long journey in number of buses we reached final destination ( later on my mother told me that the place is called Mannar � hardly 10 Kms from Thiruvalla ). After a brief talk with an autorishawala , we decided to go on foot. While crossing thru a bridge, we could seen some country boats floating around the river with coconut trees on both the sides of the river and people were taking bath. Ann was an infant and enjoying her journey in my Mom�s lap. I noticed that some sick people on the side of the road requesting for help. I could see a beautiful building and cross on top from the bridge itself. we were about to reach the church, Dad bought some candles and I asked him whether there any power cut in the church same as in Delhi. He explained me that we used to light the candle as respect to the Almighty. Before entering into church my Mom remembered me to draw cross with my right hand figures as a respect to the Lord.

      The church was so elegant and tall. I could see some pigeons are flying away from the top of the church. I still remember one big bell on top of the church and asked to my dad, how & when one could ring the bell. My curiosity and intention to ring the bell had a set back with my Dad�s �No� followed by Mom�s smile. We entered the church and lighted candles in front of a tomb with a cross on it. I noticed a large photograph same as one in our house at Delhi. I anxiously enquired who is this �Achen with stick and cross in hand � . My Dad looked at me angrily as my question was so loud and disturb others who are praying/ on meditation. Mother helped me to draw a cross as mark of respect and taken me to the other room where bed is kept. Amma explained me that it was �Achen�s bed and asked to me pray for our well being. In between my prayers , an uncle gave me a toffee ( later my mom explained me it is called �Nercha�) but I made sure that an extra one for Ann which I ate later. I thought for while, � better to be here everyday�.
      After some time I and my sister had a little fun time while my parents were praying and meditating.

      Later my patents briefed me of auspicious beginning of education and we went to an achen�s room. After my Dad�s brief discussion with Achen , the priest came out with a plate full of rice grains. As I could not understand what is going to happen, my parents asked me to attentive and ordered me to bow my head towards the tomb. The Achen put hands on my head and murmur some prayers and helped me in writing with my fingers a cross, alphabets and numbers on the rice with clear pronunciations . I asked to my Amma , why Achen did not do the same with my sister? � You will know later� she replied with a smile. With a smile I gifted a piece of paper from my father to Achen as � Guru Dhashina � . After having a refreshment we hired an auto and left the place. Due to tiring and hectic events I and Ann fallen into deep sleep and wake up to see that my grandpapa standing infront of me. (Later on I came to know that it was the tomb of St. Gregorious ( Parumala therumani), whose blessing and prayers helped me to create the above art and I dedicated same to the Holy father!)

      I am out of my memory lane when Ann banged at me with a confirmation on the identity of the photograph alongwith Mom and shouted at me � Shame!Shame� . I turn around to Mom and asked for reconfirmation . �Yes� she said affirmatively and explained me of the events of my baptism at the Perumala church. Then she ordered me � closed the Album and Keep it back� ! I have no other option but to obey with remorse and remembering the story learned from the Sunday School class and console myself � It is not a big deal , Our fore father, Adam was naked at Eden infront of Lord, then why can n�t I naked infront of an Achen�. I also gleefully joined with my sister Ann in shouting to avoid further embracement.

      " Shame ! Shame ! Poor Man ! "

      A Travelogue by Alex.K. George
      S/o Mr. Kuriakose George
      Class II Sunday School
      St. JOC-MV III
      From the desk of the moderators

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