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Karingachira church

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  • Paul Reji
    All I saw a message in IOC forum about Mookencherri Family and Karingachira Church: The summary is like this Two families Maliackel and Plathingal build the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2004

      I saw a message in IOC forum about "Mookencherri Family and Karingachira Church:"

      The summary is like this

      Two families Maliackel and Plathingal build the church in 8th century. " Mookenchri" family is the ONLY sucessor to Palthingal family. And so "Mookencheirl " family belongs to IOC. and so church belongs to them.

      I am not from Karingachira. But my wife is from there. I have guest today at my home who is from Karingachira. All this info I post is what he said.

      1. Mookencheri thirumeni is a good guy.
      2) But he is from Nadamel church , Thripoonithara not Karingachira house.
      3) He is entmobed at Carmel seminary . Not at karingachira.
      4) My wife's family has been in Karinagchira even since it was built. So is the forfathers of nearly 2000 family of theparish. None of which are IOC memebers.
      4) He is asking , is IOC valuing only one family who is not even in that church , what about rights of these 2000 memebers?

      Look at history of the church

      I think i have quoted. regarding construction.
      "they decided to bury the body in Karingalichira, an uninhabited place in those days. This event caused great concern among the LOCAL CHRISTIANS"( Empahsis mine )

      My wife's family is is from these LOCAL CHRISTIANS. They have more right for the church. They also need to pray for their forfathers too. So is other 2000 familes of the church.

      IOC is saying let 2000 famies go else where , but we need Karingachira for some one family who is not even in the church!!! amazing !

      But with the same token, they should remember that both Paruamala palli AND thrikkunathu seminary owned by Patriarch.(Its deed is under Patriarch)

      LORD is teaching LOVE your brother and negihbour. But you are saying "NO, we will not love anyone". We will fight . we will persecute them.

      They wanted Manarkadu, even though there is n't any one ? They will close it? or get some one from outside ? All strange and I am not sure how still they preach LORD;s words to others.

      Same for the case of Karingachira !

      Paul Philipose
      St. Ignatious SOC
      Member ID # 0901
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