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Re: Mr. Thomas P, Please identify yourself

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  • Thomas P
    Dear Respected moderators, Please post this reponse to your question and other messages addressed to me. ... Dear brothers, After reading all the attacks
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2004
      Dear Respected moderators, Please post this reponse to your question and other messages addressed to me.

      Dear brothers, After reading all the attacks against me, let me write few words.

      1. For my identity, including the correct name I use, kindly check the registery of Thumpamon Valiapally (were I was baptised, and our family belongs to Cheriyapalli). I can provide the year of my birth, if you can identity yourself to me privately.

      2. I have tried my best to limit my messages on topics related to history and faith of the Church. It is surprising that this forum is deviating with out a real goal and focusing more on individuals. I hope the moderators continue to make this forum useful to all, focusing more on useful matters than personal attacks.

      3. It is difficult to post my personal information to open or quasi-open distribution lists, since internet is not a safe place. Rather, our approach should be based on trust, since we do not know each other as individuals, but as members of the Malanakra church, with an amibition to see one Church and community among us. For the same reason, I did not ask the personal information of other members, nor that is my focus. Neither did I use a wrong identity in the forum.

      Let us shift the focus to useful topics which help us and learn from each other with an open mind.

      In Christ,
      St. Mary's Church/ St. George Church, Thumpamon

      From the desk of moderators

      Dear Brother Paul Oommen (alias "Thomas P")

      Let us first say, we recognize that you are a passionate individual. For whatever personal reasons, you have taken up a jihad against the Syriac Orthodox Church. You have taken up different identities on the internet, relentlessly posting hostile messages on various forums under these identities from the same location.

      We had requested you many times to follow the forum’s policy of posting under your official name. A forum participant's identity is not of concern to us per se. However, the policy exists for good reason--many abuse the apparent anonymity of the internet to post inappropriate messages that they would not otherwise post under identities that others would recognize them by. We have stated that we will keep confidentiality of any one’s identity if convinced that the request is legitimate.

      Even after repeated requests from us, you have refused to reveal your identity. This has forced us to find out more about who you are; you should know that we have ample information about you which we are not revealing here in public out of regard for your privacy. You commented that the internet is not safe; but you should know given your education and work experience that it is only too easy to expose hidden identities on the internet.

      You have hidden your identity under your baptismal name Thomas. But the reality is that you are known in public records, at work, and among people who know you as Paul Oommen; hardly anybody would recognize you by the name "Thomas P".

      Out of fraternal love in Christ we entreat you to consider the following.

      1) Your soul and salvation – It is very disheartening to note that a fellow Christian spends so many work hours spreading twisted propaganda directed against a Christian Church. All of us await a judgement according to our deeds. The topics you focus on and the example you set, as de facto spokesman for the IOC, do not provide a good example of either you, or the church denomination to which you belong.

      2) The souls of our SOC faithful – Most of your postings denigrate the current hierarchy, revered fathers of the past, and the faithful of the Syriac Orthodox Church. This unfortunately engenders much animosity towards you as an individual among the SOC faithful on the forum; we as moderators also are under pressure to explain why we permit you to abuse the forum under a pseudo-identity. Many of the faithful opt to respond to you only to provide correct information so that innocent faithful are not deceived. We cannot permit you to vitiate the Christian fraternity of the forum.

      We pray that you reconsider your actions and direct your zeal toward a higher Christian purpose.

      In Our Lord’s Love
      Moderators, SOCM-FORUM
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