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Baseless allegations about Church fathers and Karingachira Church

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  • T M Chacko
    Dear Friends, I am enclosing a portion of a hate message that appeared in an IOC forum. This hate mail once again proves that the other faction�����s sole job
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2004
      Dear Friends,

      I am enclosing a portion of a hate message that appeared in an IOC forum. This hate mail once again proves that the other faction’s sole job is to mislead the innocent by presenting fabricated stories and thus to colour the Patriarch’s and the Jacobites in a very bad light. This message is based on Mookkencheril family of Thripunithara. One Alex Thomas (?) wrote in the opposite forum…

      “. Pathrose Mar Osthathios thirumeni's parents and brothers were buried in the same church. The trustees of Karigacherra church (Mookencherri Karivellel Paili Cherian, eldest brother of Osthathios Thirumeni and Pulayath Varkey Pothen) stopped the then Patriarch Abed Aloho (1911) from taking away the gold coins and other valuables of the church.”

      A person not having any knowledge of what happened there might think this as a true story. But the truth is something very different from what this Alex Thomas has written. In the Karingachira church the problem started when the people begins to question the then trustees of the church, Thiruvankulam Karivellil Palathinkal Varkey Cheri and Murickal Pulayath Pothen, who were alleged to be misusing the church fund. Inspite of the repeated complaints against them, they were not ready to give any explanations. It was then the Patriarch Abdulla visited the church. The people complained to HH. The Patriarch asked for explanation from the trustees, but they could not give any satisfactory reply nor were they ready to submit the accounts to the general body. So the Patriarch advised them to either retire or submit the account statement which they could not digest at all.

      Meanwhile these trustees, ignoring the public complaints against them, once again took money from one of the crosses (chapel) of the church secretly. As and when the parishioners came to know this, they together with the Parish Priest Karuthedath Geevrghese Kathanar marched to the residence of the trustees and retrieved the amount they illegally took from the church.

      It was at this point the crooked brain of Methran Kakshi leadership started to work. Considering this as an appropriate time to interfere in the Jacobite stronghold, they declared support to the two trustees, a method which they adopt since their inception 90 years ago. Under these crooked people’s advise the frustrated trustees filed a case. Then came to the scene the cruel police officer called Chacko Superintend who was a know Methran Kakshi leader. (he is said to be from south Kerala, I am not sure about it). He, probably under advise from Methran Kakshi leadership, tried to indirectly target the Patriarch Abdulla bava who was then waiting for an explanation from vattasseril thirumeni. Considering it as an appropriate time to trap the Patriarch and thus to make him unpopular, a ploy was arranged by Vattassery faction leaders collaborating with the Chacko Superintend.

      Thus this cruel police officer fabricated a charge of robbery against Karuthedath achen, the parish priest of Karingachira church, complaining that this priest took away the gold coins and other valuables of the church as if it was done for the Patriarch. The police officer then handcuffed the innocent priest in public and brought him to the Patriarch’s presence and then led him away to prison. The aim of this most mischievous plot, was to spread a bad image of the Patriarch and thus to turn away the people from the Patriarch.

      But contrary to their day dreams, except for the two trustees mentioned by Alex Thomas who got the whole hearted support of Vattasseril faction leaders, there was none in the parish or anywhere near who were ready to cheat the Church or the Patriarch for 30 silver coins.

      God is great. Finally the truth triumphed. To the great dismay of the Police Officer who acted on the advice of Methran Kakshi leaders, the priest was honorably acquitted in the case. The Raja of Cochin expressed their great grief in all that happened. But the agitated people wanted to take stern action against the trustees who were responsible for all dirty things. And finally the church body assembled and elected a 9 member committee to deal with the finance in future. They made a registered udampadi specifying the role of everyone. (Those who were elected as new trustees were Paluparambil Kurien Kuruvilla, Tharakandil Punnose Mathunni, Kuttikkatu Palakattu Paili Avara, Iykkaravelil Cheria Ulahannan, Nadakkavunkal Palthinkal Ithappiri Kunju Varkey, Mukkadackal Ouseph Ittop, Nadakkavunkal Palathinkal Ithappiri, Nadakkavunkal Karottu Cheria Varkey, Thuruthiyil Varkey and Puthenpurackal Thommen Mani.)

      This is what happened there. But look how IOC people twisted this fact. What they wanted is to present a bad colour of the Patriarch Abdulla bava. A similar story was cooked up with respect to Puthuppaly church also connecting bava. But inspite of such heinous and unchristian activities of Devalokam leadership, they were never successful in destroying the Jacobite Christians or the Syrian Church all these years. God is protecting it.

      Does anyone know how the life of this once powerful police officer called chacko ended? It was an unnatural death. He got what he deserved. This is a warning to those Methran Kakshi fellows who cook-up baseless and unchristian stories. Hope one day they will realize there past mistakes and stop making baseless allegation against Patriarchs and the Jacobites.

      T M Chacko
      St. Mary's Jacobite Church
      Manarcad, Kottayam
      Member ID # 0903
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