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  • Thomas Daniel
    Dear Thomas Daniel, Greetings from SEERI. Some salient features of SEERI (St.Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute) are given below for your information, as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2002

      Dear Thomas Daniel,

      Greetings from SEERI. Some salient features of SEERI (St.Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute)  are given below for your information, as required  by you for your forum.

      SEERI is sponsored and supported by the Malankara Catholic Diocese of Tiruvalla; its aims and objectives however, are distinctively ecumenical; it works in close collaboration with all Churches, particularly those that share the Syriac patrimony. SEERI seeks to foster and deepen the mutual understnding of these Churches throurh close collaboration in the study and search of their common heritage.

      Whereas the majority of Christians who have entered into the Syriac heritage live in India, the literature, manuscripts and other source materials pertaining to that heritage are, for the most part, in West Asia and in the WesternCountries. SEERI has already acquired an impressive collection of photostats of documents, microfilms and micorfiches of published and unpublished writings in the original. Translations of Syriac literature in modern languages |(English, German, French etc.) have also been acquired. The library and the manuscript section are being built up steadily.

      The institute's programmes include publications, translations, training projects, seminars, lectures, courses, symposia etc. SEERI also provides the setting for scholars from other  countries wanting to study the situation in the largest living  communities of the syriac tradition against the indian back ground. They would also share with us the fruits of their scholarship and research. The microfilm collection has at present over ten thousand pages of mostly unpublished Syriac texts and manuscripts. Readers (equipments) for microfilms and microfiches have been installed. There is also a steadily growing section of modern books on various braches of theology. Eminent scholars are available for guiding research work in the field of Syriac Patristics, Liturgy, Church History etc. The Institute can also help Indian scholars to be in touch with Institutes abroad in the pursuit of their higher studies.

      Among the activities of SEERI during the last 12 years were 4 World Syriac Conferences in which a large number of scholars from India and abroad participated. The fith World Syriac conference will be conducted in SEERI from 8 -14 of September, 2002.   Those who are interested in Syriac Patristics, Liturgy, Church History etc. are most welcome for the conference!

      SEERI offers : (i). Course of initiation into Syriac literature for students going to universities abroad for higher studies and to the M.Th. students in India (ii). Regular classes in Syriac language for interested candidates. (iii). Syiac intensive course, held yearly for 7 weeks during the summer vacation. (iv). Lecture series on the history and patrimony of Syriac churches and on other selected themes by eminent scholars.  (v). Seminars and classes on various aspects of Syriac liturgy. (vi). An introductory course on spirituality based on Syriac liturgy. (vii). Trainig course with one full day class every week for talented students for translating Syriac poetical works into Malayalam poetry.

      As an officially sanctioned "Regional and Research Centre" of the Mahatma Gandhi University at Kottayam, Kerala India, SEERI officers: Master's Degree Course in Syriac Language and Literature; Research Programmes leading to Ph.D in Syriac Langauage and Literature;  A single semester certificate course in Syriac Language.

      SEERI has collaboration agreement with Oriental Institute of the Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany. On specific programmes this institute works in close collaboration with: Peshita Institute, Leiden University, Holland; CNRS members, Institute of Semitic Studies, College de France and E.P.H.E., Paris, France.; Catholic University, Paris, France; University of Oxford, U.K.; Catholic University of America, Washington DC, U.S.A. ; Institute for Liturgy and Hymnology, Graz University, Austria.  Research and study at SEERI are conducted in consultation with reputed scholars such as :

      Dr. Sebastian Brock, Oxford University.

      Dr. A. Schmidt, Belgium.

      Dr. Sidney Griffith, Catholic University of America, Washinton D.C.

      Dr. F.B.Chatonet, College de France.

      Dr. Juergen Tubach, Martin Luther University, Halle.

      Dr. W.Hage, Marburg.

      Dr. Herald Suermann, M.S.I. Missio, Aachen.

      Dr. Karl Heinzu, Kuhlmann, Leuven University

      Dr. Daniel McConaughy, Northridge University. 

      Publications: The regular publications of the Institure are:- 1. "The Harp" (English, 3 issues a year)

      "Nuhro" (Malayalam, 3 issues a year.

      "Moran Etho" ( Monographs, occasional English publoication).

      "SCC(SEERI Correspondence Course in English on Syrian Chriastian heritage; complete set  includes 12 courses and to be completed in two years) 9 courses have already been published.

      "Madroso" (Translations of Syriac poetical works. Vocational Malayalam Publication).


       I.            THE HARP: A review of Syriac and Oriental Studies, 3 issues a year.

      Vols. 1 � IX have been published in 1987-96.

      Vol. X in 1997.

      Vols. XI and XII in 1999.

      Vol. XIII in 2000.

       II.            �MORAN ETHO� series : Monograph Series : occasional publication.

      1.    Wolfgang Hage (University of Marburg, Germany) : Syriac christianity in the East.

      2.    Sebastian P.Brock (Oxford University, U.K.) : Spirituality in the Syriac Tradition.

      3.    J.P.M. van der Ploeg (University of Neijmegen, The Nederlands): The Book of Judith, Syriac Text and English Translation.

      4.    Sebastian P. Brock : Burial service for Nuns (West Syrian Liturgy), Syriac Text with translation.

      5.    Paul S. Russel (U.S.A.): St. Ephraem the Syrian and St. Gregory the Theologian Confront the Arians.

      6.    Sebastian P. Brock: Bride of Light.

      7.    Sidney H. Griffith (The Catholic University of America): Syriac Writers on Muslims and the Religious Challenge of Islam.

      8.    Alison Salvesen (Oxford,U.K.): The Exodus Commentary of St. Ephrem.

      9.    Sebastian P. Brock: A Brief outline of Syriac Literature.

      10.   Baby Varghese : Dionysius Bar Salibi : Commentary on the Eucharist.

      11.  Curian Kaniamparambil Cor-Episcopa : The Gospel of St. Mathew.

      12. Baby Varghese : John of Dara � Commentary on the Eucharist.

      13.  Francis Acharya : The Ritual of the Clothing of Monks.

      14.  Curian Kaniamparampil Cor-Episcopa : Syriac in Six Months.

      15.  Geevarghese Chediath: Mar Babai the Great - Some Useful Counsels on the Ascetical Life.

      16.  Prof. O.M. Mathew Oruvattithara � Church and Sacraments . ( Harp Vol.1 No.1 & Moran Etho No.2 are out of print now).

      The existing facilities of SEERI have been built up with the generous assistance of the Diocese of Tiruvalla and of several benefactors. The toal outlay so far has been over ten million Rupees. SEERI has to depend on local resources for its maintenance and normal functioning. The annual working expenses of SEERI with our present commitments, come to about Rs. 800,000/-. This has to come from those who share our vision and commitment: Instituations and individual members of our Churches in India and abroad as well as our friends and well-wishers in various countries.

      You can help SEERI by becoming a "Patron" of SEERI by paying Rs. 25000/- ($600/-; DM 1000/-).

      By becoming an "Associate" of SEERI by payingRs. 5000/- ($ 120/-; DM 200/- per annum.

      By becoming a "Friend" of SEERI by paying Rs. 2000/- ($50/-; DM 80/- per annum).

      By visiting SEERI occasionally and attending some of its programmes.

      By encouraging others to become "Patrons" or "Associate" or "Friends" of SEERI and above all by including SEERI in your prayers so that this centre may be a source of strength and enlightenment for all our Churches.

      Patrons  will receive one complimentary copy each of all the regular publications of SEERI. They are welcome to be our honoured guests for short periods whenever they wish, provided we are given prior notice. Associates have the same privileges during each year of their contribution.

      Friends of SEERI shall enjoy a discount of 50% on the cost of our publications.

      For further information on SEERI, kindly contact: The Director, SEERI, Baker Hill, Kottayam-686001, Kerala, India.

      Our telephone No. is : 0481-564333 and e-mail: seeri@...   Sorry, we have no websites !

      I hope, dear Daniel Thomas, you have sufficient information now about SEERI !

      Thanking you,

      Yours sincerely,

      (Thomas from SEERI)

      For Director, SEERI.

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