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Throne and Rakkadu Inscription

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  • Very Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
    I read a clarification on the issue on throne by Mr.Thomas P. who always tries to clear everything in his own perspectives. I am reminded of the cot of
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      I read a clarification on the issue on 'throne' by Mr.Thomas P. who always tries to ' clear' everything in his own perspectives. I am reminded of the cot of Procreates in the mythology on which every passerby will be forced to lay down and cut to cot size or stretched to cot size! Now here is another Procreates who 'cut or stretch' anything that he reads about the church issues to suit his taste!

      In a recent posting in SOCM he 'clear'ed the following.

      "There is no difference between the 'throne' of an Episcopa and the throne of the head Episcopa. It is the same throne shared by all Episcopoi. They are all enthroned in the same faith. I doubt, if there is a branch of theology on 'thrones'. I think the Church gave least importance to such issues, hence did not develop a theology to explain the Orthodox position."

      This discussion in the forum was in the background of the mention of ' St Thomas throne ' in the inscription at the Rakkat Church. The IOC writers used this as a proof to 'establish' the existence of St.Thomas throne. The writers in the SOCM tried to say that this was not referring to the so called 'St. Thomas throne' as claimed by the IOC. This means only the THRONE of an episcopa or the THRONE of a Metropolitan. On this he twist to state that the throne of episcopa and headepiscopa are the same! I don't know what he means by HEAD EPISCOPA ! I have not heard about such a title! Is he meaning the Patriarch? Then why not he uses the common title? Here is his malicious tactics of twist employed! He wants to say in covered words that the 'headepiscopa' is equal to any episcopa! I don't know the IOC Catholicose or his synod accept this notion! Will they afford this equality when it comes to administration, if the Catholicose is also a 'headepiscopa'. Here he employs another common justice to support his view that 'all are enthroned in same faith'. The sharing of the one true faith is common to episcopoi. But the sharing of faith alone cannot justify the episcopate. The same throne(here meaning Orthodoxy) should have the same faith, have the historic apostolic succession, communion with the universal church and jurisdiction of the Synods. Without any of these there will be no validity of enthronement in Orthodoxy (throne)

      In the light of the above discussion I would like to brief on the THRONE STRUGGLES in Malankara. What the IOC meant or claimed when they introduced the St.Thomas throne?

      1.They were claiming equality with the Patriarch of Antioch
      2.They claimed it as a symbol of autocephaly.
      3. They claimed it as the succession of the Catholicate
      4.They claimed it as a symbol of the apostolic succession from St.Thomas, the founder of the Malankara Church.
      5. They claimed it as the symbol of the administrative authority received upon the Malankara Metropolitan.
      6.The THRONE is the apostolic institution to continue the priesthood with spiritual authorities which was later recognized as patriarchates by synods and fathers.

      These are summarized by the author from the leaflet published by Konat Abraham Malpan to promote the 'throne of St.Thomas' in seventies. (Details can be read in my book, 'Perumpilly Thirumeni- Malankara Sabhayude Kal Noottandu' Chapter 3).

      On all the above claims the mention of St.Thomas throne at Rakkadu is nothing connected to IOC claims. The mention there is just a honorific to Mor Coorelose Yuachim, the patriarchal delegate in Malabar who tried to exercise the authority over the church to win over the powers of Palakkunnath Methrachan, who ruled over by the authority (Royal Proclamation) he got by the Stathicon from the Patriarch of Antioch. It is nothing of autocephaly, Patriarchal equality, succession of Catholicate (nor of St. Thomas), apostolic succession in Malankara, administrative authority of the local Metropolitan nor the priestly apostolic succession from the synodal patriarchates!

      Mr.Thomas' eye wash terminology of 'enthronement in one faith' is just evading from facts, the emphasis of the thread and distortion of the historic relevance of the documented inscription.

      Anyone interested to know more on this please read the above mentioned book.

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