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Re: Fwd: Article- Oriental Consanguinity (History)

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  • thomas_pa1
    ... have ... used by ... Kerala ... Names of old mothers in the Malnakara church like Achaamma , Chinnamma , Thankamma , ... are purely Indian names. So,
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 11, 2002
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "V Thomas" <vthomas@t...> wrote:
      > Dear Sir,
      > I request few answers from the learned members of our forum.
      > 1.What made early converts in India to change their name?.They could
      > kept their
      > old names.Their hardly any Indian (showing our culturaal roots) name
      used by
      > us.
      > Is it due to the fact early christians were of jewish settlers in
      > for whose sake St.Thomas came.?Our earlier names are
      > like,Thoma,Mattai.Kuriakose
      > Kurian etc are different from Hindu names.

      Names of old mothers in the Malnakara church like "Achaamma",
      "Chinnamma", "Thankamma", ... are purely Indian names. So,
      from ancient times our community followed Indian (Hidhu) culture
      in everything. Our churches resembled Hindhu temples.
      Now, why do we want to divide this community into two groups
      and declare that one community is purely Syrian/middle-eastern
      and is mutually exclusive of the other lesser Indian one, when
      we have close blood relatives in each faction? Isn't this rather
      cruel? Why do we want to convert a great civilization in to Arabic
      style of fanaticism and culture?

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