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Please allow me to be a 'Syrian Orhotdox" - a request

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  • Paul Reji
    Dear all memebers. [ This is a little bit of long post- forgive me. Hope people will read it] This is humble request to all IOC memebers to allow me to choose
    Message 1 of 1039 , Oct 4, 2004
      Dear all memebers. [ This is a little bit of long post- forgive me. Hope people will read it]

      This is humble request to all IOC memebers to allow me to choose a faith I beleive in and my parents followed for last 2000 years.

      I saw a posting my Mr. Jose Kurain ( Open letter to HH). and he and other IOC memebers seems people like me are believing "Syrian orthodox" because we are ignorant and HH has the position titile "Patriarch".

      No Sir. Even if the title of HH is just an "achan" ( Priest ) I still be following them, because that is the true faith.

      Because there is ONE church established by LORD Jesus Christ and I dont want to become bishop or Patriarch or anything , Just follow , Lord and obey what GOD said.

      I beleive in two things

      I) LORD established one church and appointed St. Peter as its head and all other apostles were Episcopas in that church. Apart from IOC claiming "See of St.Thomas" from 1970's I cannot see any other See for other 11 apostles ( like See of St.Juda, See of St.James, or even See of St.Paul or St.John ) But logic is not faith and here is my proofs.

      1) Lord Said so.
      2) http://www.stignatious.com/articles/peter.htm
      3) Meaning of Keys - http://members.aol.com/johnprh/isaiahfirst.html
      4) Kaniyamparambil achan has explained it.
      5) So many church fathers have written it as the faith of the church ( Refer Early church fathers )
      5) The council of Nicea is refering to only See of St.Peter and devides the world into 4 for each juridiction.
      6) Church believed it that way for 2000 years.
      7) Read Parumala thirumenis' opinion. He says Hell of fire waits for those who reject See of Antioch.

      or in malayalam
      http://www.parumalathirumeni.com/ look for salmusa.

      so To follow you Ihave to disobey
      1) Lord Jesus Chrhist
      2) Appostles
      3) Early church fathers
      4) my Chruch ( 1 Tim 3:14)
      5) Great council of Nicea
      6) Your own leaders ( also read Perumballi thirumeni - by Rev Fr Moolayil achan. (Mar Adai study center - Changanasseri)
      7) My own parents ( read 10 commandments )
      8) Supreme court who said "Patriarch is the supreme head of the church.

      II ) I do believe that See of St.Thomas is a herecy and an insult to the apostles who suffered a lot for the church.


      1) Apostle did not establish a independant church here
      a) it is not in the history
      b) even if I accept that "Syrains invaded " the church of India
      then at least ONE ( yes, atlest one ) church should stay who
      belived in See of St. Thomas. When you consider that Syrian fathers
      who came here came through hostile grounds , how come NOT EVEN ONE
      chruch remained in the faith which IOC preaches ? Remeber even
      Thozhiyoor church could survive. The "Kanaya church " survived. Even
      Nestorian church survived. Why not even a single IOC one ? Because
      there was NONE.

      2) The Syrian church was able to produce so many scholars and
      saints, so many literary works and prayers. Why so called
      IOC church did not produce even a single one? say a litergy
      in malayalam. Why not a Holy Bible in Malayalam. ( Acutualy the
      Europeans translated on into Malayalam. ) Why not even ONE copy in
      last 1400years ?

      3) What was the litergy like in pre-17th century? Why cant we find
      a single tomb of our church fathers in last 13 centuries (
      before "syrain invation ") ?

      4) The Syrian church grew through extremely hostile environment.
      First persecution by Jews. Then by gentiles and then by Muslims.
      Still t hey could perserve their litergy, vestament, history and

      Why not us ? we were not in a persecuted place at all.

      5) When Vattaserri thirumeni wanted a Cathoicate here , why he has
      to tell a lie to get it? Why fake it , if you ever believe there was
      one here. eg. Thomas P. Always quotes the incident of Yacob Bourdana
      ( he went to copts when he See of Antioch was in difficult times ).
      But he did not go there cheating or lieing to the Copts. Copts
      anointed him not as coptic catholicos . But as bishop for SOC.
      Compare this to what vattaserril thirumeni did.

      Vattaseril thirumeni could have gone to Copts Or SOC and say "we
      have a See here establshed by St. Thomas. please anoint me for its
      resurrection. " He did not say that. why? He knew no one will listen
      to him and he will not get it.

      When IOC created a constitution, why put name of Antiochian
      patriarch at all ? if he has no role here ? Because those who
      made a constitution couldn't do it, because people would have
      rejected it out right.

      So I am not saying , any thing against you, But I beleive your view
      is heretic.

      So if you wish you can be IOC, but please allow me to follow what
      LORD said. Leave me alone

      paul philipose
      St. Ignatious SOC , Dallas
    • Jaison
      Dear all I could not open this controversial letter, Anybody can help in this regard regards Jaison
      Message 1039 of 1039 , Sep 21, 2011
        Dear all
        I could not open this controversial letter, Anybody can help in this regard

        --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Malankara Voice wrote:
        > 1. Full Text of the controversial letter written by
        > Rev.P C Yohannan Ramban (Pampady Dayara), questioning the
        > integrity of Yuhanon Milithios (Trichur)
        > http://www.geocities.com/malankarav5/20030203YohannanRambanMilithios2.htm
        > For more Links visit:-
        > http://www.geocities.com/malankarav5/news_section.htm
        > http://malankaravoice.cjb.net
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