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  • Thomas Daniel
    AICC DEMANDS INTERNATIONAL BAN ON VHP AND BAJRANG DAL Hyderabad, Mar,5: While expressing deep shock, grief and condemnation of the killings, violence and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002


      Hyderabad, Mar,5: While expressing deep shock, grief and condemnation of the killings, violence and destruction caused by religious extremists in Gujarat the All India Christian Council (AICC) has endorsed the demand for the ban on the VHP, Bajrang Dal and its
      affiliates made by all the secular, democratic forces across the religious and political divide in India.

      The Christian Council also called for an International ban on the activities of the VHP, its affiliates and frontal organisations abroad and called for an investigation of its funding sources in the USA, Canada, UK and the EU nations.

      Barring the Bharatiya Janata party which it patronises, all other political groups, Human rights organisations and Civil Society groups have branded the VHP and its affiliates as terrorist organisations.

      In a statement issued by its President Dr. Joseph D'Souza, Secretary General Dr. John Dayal and Executive Rev Dr. G. Samuel, the Council has said that the inaction of the Union government of India and the Prime Minister during the present Ayodhya campaign by the VHP/ Bajrang Dal and their open defiance of the law and the Courts are the cause for the defamation of India internationally, apart from setting back its development process by two decades..

      "The Council has resolved to move the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and other bodies to investigate the activities and the funding of the VHP and its affiliates in the Western nations as well as in Japan, Mauritius and Japan." The VHP/Bajrang Dal outfits
      have engaged in a constant hate campaign against the minorities and have also recruited hundred of thousands of recruits who have been given training in armed warfare.

      The AICC said that the VHP and its affiliates must be banned for unleashing terror on innocent individuals and entire communities. The government of India has banned the Islamic Students Movement SIMI, but despite overwhelming evidence of complicity in violence against Christians and Muslims, has so far taken no action against the VHP- RSS-Bajrang Dal group.

      The AICC pointed out that the VHP's devious campaign to gain respectability in the UN and other forums has been fully exposed by its present actions and statements.

      "The VHP's offices in foreign nations, its presence and finances make it all the more dangerous outfit not only for the Indian people but also for the International community."

      Many questions have already been raised about the huge finances of  the VHP and other frontal organisations of the Sangh group."

      "The fact that the VHP and Bajrang Dal goons have not spared moderate Hindu people and their properties in the present Gujarat, apart from threatening and coercing the Christians, while indulging in the unabated carnage in Gujarat, reveals their extremist and fascist
      ideology which is violates democratic traditions and militates against India's plural ethnic, religious and cultural identity," the Council said

      The Council further said that it was extremely sad that even though civil society leaders and the media have been constantly warning the Central Government about the campaign of the VHP to build a temple at the site of the 400 year old Babri Mosque in Ayodhya that they
      illegally demolished in 1992, and its open defiance of the law and the Courts, nothing was done by the Central government.

      "The BJP-controlled Union Government is paralyzed by the Sangh Parivar outfits, which have been powerful extra-Constitutional centres of power in India. The government is reaping the fruit of the Prime Minister inaction against the VHP/Bajrang Dal/ RSS and its hate campaign against Christian and other minorities and particularly their anti-Christian violence of the last 4 years.'

      The statement also said that the AICC agrees with the Prime Minister that India's name has been defamed internationally but we remind the Prime minister it is primarily so because of the inaction of the Central Government.

      "Nothing short of a ban on the HP/Bajrang Dal and its affiliates will build national credibility," it pointed out.

      The Gujarat government - the laboratory of the Hindutva experiment - has been condemned for its patent complicity in the ongoing violence in Gujarat, pointing out that the police and beauracracy in Gujarat have been increasingly infiltrated by the Hindutva ideology which
      traces its roots to the nazism of Adolf Hitler. Senior police offices in Gujarat have indicated how terribly bigotted the administrative and police structures have become.

      The Council called upon the National Human Rights Commission to investigate the government and police duplicity in the communal carnage. In the meantime, the AICC has called upon all Indians to together fight the scourge of violent, hate filled religious

      "The fact that the Bajrang Dal goons have not spared moderate Hindus is an ominous sign."

      " This must get all civil society to come out in the open and counter through peaceful and democratic means and defeat all communal forces without which there will be no social and economic development."

      "The future of India depends on this peace, justice and rule of law." -- ESPL


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