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Hearty Congrats to Mr. Oomman Chandy The new CM of Kerala

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  • George Abraham, Abu Dhabi
    31st August 2004 will be a memorable day for all Keralites especially the Orthodox Christian Community of Kerala.There is no doubt that Mr. Oomman Chandy is
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2004
      31st August 2004 will be a memorable day for all Keralites especially
      the Orthodox Christian Community of Kerala.There is no doubt that
      Mr. Oomman Chandy is the most deserving and capable personality of
      Kerala Politics available now to become the Chief Minister of
      the problematic state.

      He will be sworn in as our new CM at 12:00 noon on Tuesday,31st
      August 2004.
      His activities in the 12 hrs immediately after his election as the
      new CM designate will help us to understand the "spiritual"
      personality of this simple man of unimpechable integrity. Inspite of
      the very busy schedule with regard to ministry making and related
      affairs in the capital, on Monday night at about 22:00 hrs he has
      started by road to reach his home (160 KM)in Puthuppally (Kottayam)
      after midnight and specifically sought the blessings of his 84 year
      old beloved mother.
      At around 02:00 AM he prayed at Puthuppally Valiapally(intercession
      of St. George) and proceeded to Manarcad Church (intercession of St.
      At around 03:00 AM he reached Pampady Dayara to pray at
      the "Kabharidam" of St. Kuriakose Mar Gregoriose (Pampady
      Thirumeni). Mr. Oomman Chandy is known to be an ardent divotee of
      Pampady Thirumeni and before getting in to any new endeavoures or
      crisis in his life he always made it a point to reach the Dayara in
      person to seek Thirumeni's intercession.
      If I remember correctly, Mr. Chandy's marriage was also consecrated
      at Pampady Dayara and at the reception the menu was restricted to
      one glass of fresh lime juice. In the night itself he has travelled
      back again another 5 hrs to reach Trivandrum in the morning for
      the swearing in ceremony.

      To my mind the above actions of our "would be CM" speaks volumes
      about the spiritual side of his personality. An ordinary believer
      would have mostly postponed all the above actions for a day after
      the swearing in.

      Mr. Oomman Chandy is loved by all the people of Kerala irrespective
      of caste or creed for his simplicity, sincerity, caringness and easy
      As a church we have a greater responsibility to ensure that the term
      of the 1st Orthodox Chief Minister of Kerala will be remembered as a
      golden era. If the leaders of both the factions are sincere, we can
      easily reach unity in the church during the next two years.

      I am sure we can be proud of this great son of Kerala and let us
      pray for his success in all his new endeavours.

      George Abraham, Abu Dhabi
      Malayala Manorama - 30th AUG 21:48 hrs IST
      Oommen Chandy to be next Kerala Chief Minister

      Thiruvananthapuram: Oommen Chandy was on Monday night elected
      Congress Legislature Party Leader in Kerala.

      The election of Chandy as the CLP leader was announced by senior
      Congress leader and Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee after the CLP
      meeting here.

      He succeeds A.K. Antony who resigned as Chief Minister on Sunday.

      Chandy will meet state governor R.L. Bhatia on Tuesday morning and
      is to be sworn in later in the day, CLP sources said.

      The smooth election was made possible after the Congress High
      Command representatives held one-on-one discussions with party MLAs
      and leaders of the coalition partners this afternoon.

      Though Speaker Vakkom Purushothaman was also in the contention, he
      changed his mind at the last moment paving the way for the unanimous
      election of Chandy.

      He would be the third Congress chief minister in the post-emergency
      era in Kerala after Antony and veteran leader K. Karunakaran who
      together held the post for seven times.

      Senior Congress leader and Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee and
      AICC general secretaries Margaret Alva and Ahamed Patel held several
      rounds of discussions with senior leaders to pave the way for the
      smooth election.
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