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Bible Study - Matthew Chapter 1 : Lesson 2

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    V 2: Where is the newborn king of the Jews =============================================== saying: Where is the king of the Jews that is born ? For we have
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      V 2: "Where is the newborn king of the Jews "

      "saying: Where is the king of the Jews that is born ? For we have
      seen his star in the east, and have come to worship him"

      The Jews believed that a King from David's tribe would rise and
      liberate them from the slavery. They were looking forward to it.
      (Malachi 3:1 1 , Haggai 2:6-9; Daniel 9:24-25) . prophesy "The
      scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from
      between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs and the obedience
      of the nations is his" ( Gen 49:10)

      But the King's rule ended. The Isralites had rulers, but they
      to give ransom to the Roman emperor. They did not have the right to
      execute someone or allow some one to let go free. (Luke 2:1-6,Mathew
      22:20,21;John 18:31). Even the laws regarding the high priest were in
      disarray. Herod changed high priest at his will. Even the gentiles
      were also expecting the Messiah. The 72 Jewish scholars had
      translated the Holy Books from Hebrew to Greek (Septuagint) . And so
      it was accessible to the gentiles too. Historians like Tasitus have
      written about the hope of the gentiles.

      Family History of Herod 37-25 B.C.
      The last of the Maccabees dynasty were Hyrcanus, and Aristobulus.
      There arose a bloody civil war between the two Jewish princes. The
      Pharisees sided with Hyrcanus, the Sadducees with Aristobulus. The
      Roman politician Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus (106-48 BC ), better known as
      Pompey, was one of the greatest generals of this time. The war
      between the princess presented Pompi a great opportunity to annex
      Jerusalem. He entered into this scenario as invited by Aristobulus.
      But later he sided with Hyrcanus and Aristobulus was arrested taken
      to Rome. Thus fell to Pompi Jerusalem in BC 63. Pompi. When the
      Romans controlled the Temple, Pompey and his officers entered the
      Holy of Holies - according to the Jews a blasphemous act, because
      only the high priest was allowed to enter this room Next day, he
      ordered the cleansing of the Temple, and he appointed Hyrcanus as
      high priest, received the title ethnarch ('national leader') with
      very minimal powers. A civil war broke out in the Roman Empire.
      Pompey was defeated by Julius Caesar, Both Hyrcanus and Antipater (a
      governor of Idumea under Hyrcanus) sided with the Caesar, for which
      especially the courtier was rewarded: in 47, he was appointed
      epitropos ('regent') and received the Roman citizenship. Later he
      became the governor for entire Judea. He managed to secure the
      appointment of his young son Herod to the important task of governor
      of Galilee and Samaria (37 B.C) The boy, who was only sixteen years
      old, launched a small crusade against bandits, which made him very
      popular with the populace and unpopular with the Sanhedrin. But Jews
      resented his appointment first because he was not a Jew and. The
      Jews had always looked down upon the Idumeans ( where he was from )
      as racially impure. To make matters worse his mother was an Arab.
      Because it was commonly held that one could only be a Jew when one
      was born from a Jewish mother. When war broke out between the Romans
      and the Parthians (in modern Iran and Iraq), the Jewish populace
      joined the latter. Herod was defeated. Herod managed to escape and
      went to Rome, where he persuaded Octavian and the Senate to order
      Mark Anthony to restore him. And so it happened. Now Herod could
      start his reign as sole ruler of Judea. He requested Persians to
      sent Hyrcanus back from Babylon, which they did. Mainly because he
      was very old and he was becoming dangerously popular among the Jews
      living in Babylonia. Although Hyrcanus was unfit to become high
      priest again, Herod kept his father-in-law in high esteem. The
      support of the old monarch gave an appearance of legality to his own

      Herod's position was still insecure. He killed very one who stood
      against him. Also He continued his building policy to win the hearts
      of his subjects. In Jerusalem, the king built a new market, an
      amphitheater, a theater, a new building where the Sanhedrin could
      convene, a new royal palace, and last but not least, in 20 BCE he
      started to rebuild the Temple. And there were other cities where he
      ordered new buildings to be placed: Jericho and Samaria are
      examples. Herod concluded ten marriages, all for political
      purposes. They were probably all unhappy. He appointed one Simon,
      Ben Bothus as the high priest in B.C.23. Herod married his daughter
      Mariamme I and later divorced her.
      After his death, the three sons became the High Priests. They are
      the high priests, which Herod assembled.

      Herod had many sons in his 10 wives. Of these, the son of Mariamme I
      ( a Macabian ) killed another son. So Herod killed his father-in-
      law, Mariamme I and her mother too. Herod also hung his sons
      Alexander, Aristobulus. And killed another son Antipater.

      Herod new that there will be no one to shed tear if he dies. Just
      before his death, Herod, realizing that when he died there would be
      no great mourning, sent letters to the principle heads of every
      family in Judaism demanding their presence on pain of death. Having
      got them to Jerusalem, Herod ordered them to be locked up in the
      horseracing ground. He then gave the orders to his sister that upon
      his death they were all to be executed. Thus making sure that the
      whole nation would mourn when he died, albeit not for him.
      Fortunately, when Herod died, his sister released the imprisoned Jews
      and allowed them to return home. He died in the Jeriho palace.
      Herod was buried in one of the fortresses he had built, Herodion.
      He had decided to make his son Archelaus born to his wife Malthace
      to succeed him in most of his kingdom. Her son Antipas (he was the
      one who beheaded John the Baptist) and a son Philip. Born to
      Cleopatra became rules in other regions.

      During the time Archelaus there was a civil unrest among the Jews
      that killed 3000 people. Two popular teachers, Judas and Matthias,
      had incited their pupils to remove the golden eagle from the entrance
      of the Temple. After all, according to the Ten Commandments, it was a
      sin to make idols. The teachers and their pupils had been burned
      alive. This is what caused the unrest. This protest continued on. A
      big roman army from Syrian came to intervene. Two thousand people
      were crucified. And a peace was established. But the Jerusalem
      temple was robbed. Matthew implies that Jesus' parents Joseph and
      Mary were afraid to go to the territories ruled by Archelaus, and
      therefore settled in Galilee (Matthew 2.22). Herod Archelaus ruled
      so badly that the Jews and Samaritans together appealed to Rome to
      request that he should be deposed. In 6 CE, Archelaus was banished to
      Vienne. This caused Judea to be added to the Roman Empire. Ceasor
      appointed roman generals to rule Judea. One such perfect was Pontius

      The news of birth of a Jewish king troubled Herod and Jews. We
      discussed why Herod was feared. The people feared because their cruel
      king would do some gruesome act. Jewish historian Flavius Josephus
      has recorded that Herod killed all the Pharisees because of
      similar fear two year before.
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