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RE: IOC don't even know who Valiya thirumeni is

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  • Baby Gleeson Zachariah
    Dear Boney Kuriakose, The Church issues are not between our fathers and saints, but it started with division between Mar Abdulla and Mar Abded Messih.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2004
      Dear Boney Kuriakose,

      """The Church issues are not between our fathers and
      saints, but it
      started with division between Mar Abdulla and Mar
      Abded Messih.

      -Thomas P
      St. Mary Orthodox/ St. George Orthodox churches,

      There is no point in asking mr thomas p to elaborate
      on the above. As usual, as is his style, he has
      twisted the matter.

      Here he hints that there was no point of disunity
      between 'our fathers'(!!!) and the disunity in
      malankara was due to the division between HH Mar
      Abdulla the second and Abded Mesiah, the deposed

      See how cleverly he has twisted the facts.

      Its common knowledge that the disunity in malankara
      after 1907 started only because of the lust for power
      and money by vattaserri metrachen.

      After the demise of malankara metran Pulikottil
      thirumeni, vattaserri was selected as the malankara
      metran.( with heavy reservations from konat malpan, C
      J Kurian, Palambodom etc).

      Now, as per the decisions of the Mulamthuruthy
      association (the first malankara association duly
      constituted by HH Peter the third) the Samudayam
      properties were to be handled and looked after by the
      Metropolitain trustee(malankara metran), the priest
      trustee and the lay trustee.

      All three were equal and nobody had any power over the
      other as far as the case of Samudayam Properties were

      But after vattaserri became the malankara metran, he
      slowly started to side line the priest trustee (konat
      malpan) and the lay trustee(C J Kurian)

      Vattaserri started handling the Samudayam properties
      as if it was his family fortune, without any regard to
      the other two trustees.

      Thus started the disunity in malankara.(Pl note that
      HH Mar Abdulla or Abded Messiah was not involved).

      So as far as the post of Malankara Metran was
      concerned, there was total disunity in malankara, and
      a section of the community started to think in terms
      of having a new malankara metran.

      When HH Mar Addulla came across the facts of disunity
      in malankara, He ordered the priest trustee and the
      lay trustee to look after the Samudayam
      properties.This also in effect led to the selection of
      a new malankara metran.

      When it became clear to vattaserri that HH Mar Abdulla
      wont support him, he went against the Patriarch.

      This led to the formation of 'Bava Kashi' and 'Metran

      After HH Mar Abdulla went back Vattaserri and P T
      Gheevargheese(later Mar Evanious of Malankara Reeth)
      started thinking of getting even with HH the Patriarch
      and in effect with the other two trustees.

      (( From this part iam quoting from the autobiography
      of Mar evanious of Malankara reeth))

      Vattaserri knew of the existence of Abded Messiah in
      the Patriarchal Aramana(After being deposed, Abded
      Messiah was leading a quiet life in Kurkuma Dayara.)

      So he planned to some how get Abded Messiah to
      malankara.(the integrity of Vattaserri can be measured
      from this. He got ordained from HH Mar Abdulla, when
      Abded Messiah was in kurkuma dayara, but still to get
      even with his co trustees he went all out)

      In this, vattaserri and P T gheevargheese got help
      from a source in the Patriarchal Aramana. A teenager
      who had left malankara to study suriyani was staying
      in the aramana. By name 'chetalathungara ougen'.Hope
      you know this person.

      Abded messiah was 'transpoted' to malankara with the
      help of this decon.

      Its said that the catholicate was reinstated in
      niranam church. But how??

      Something had happened behind the closed doors of
      niranam church.Nobody have witnessed it.

      Here the words of Mar Evanious of Malankara Reeth
      speaks for itself. Mar Evanious hints on the 'shady
      underhand dealings' in niranam.

      Anyway the 'reinstatement' of catholicate by Abded
      Messiah made sure that there was no hope of any unity
      in the community.

      An issue, which till then was an issue between the
      malankara metran and his cotrustees took an entirely
      different meaning.

      That was what exactly vattaserri wanted. To carve a
      group of his own inside the community. And that group
      has declared him a saint now.

      In a nutshell, whatever this community have underwent
      in the last 100 years is only because of the lust for
      power and money of a single person.

      Early in 1910's we should have given the Vattipanam(a
      mere 3000 poovarahan)and its interest to vattaserri or
      his family.

      Atleast that would have saved this community from a
      century of turmoil and loss of millions.


      Baby Gleeson Zachariah
      St George Jacobite Syrian Church

      PS; If you are interested in knowing about that decon
      in Patriarchal Aramana; He became a stouch supporter
      of 'Bava Kashi', got ordained in 1921 for Kandanad(?)
      as 'Ougen Mar Timotious'(by HH the Patriarch), ditched
      the Holy See and the faithfull in 1942, left for
      greener pastures, accepted HH the Patriarch in 58, and
      in 64 got ordained as catholicos by the Patriarch and
      in front of multitudes stood on his knees and recited
      his allegience before the Holy See. He forgot about
      this oath at a later stage.
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