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Re: IOC don't even know who Valiya thirumeni is

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  • Mathew G. M
    Dear Mr. Thomas, You are right about catechism book Vattasheril Thirumeni wrote, Madopadesa Saarangal . In this book he writes: The priestly (spiritual)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2004
      Dear Mr. Thomas,

      You are right about catechism book Vattasheril Thirumeni
      wrote, 'Madopadesa Saarangal'. In this book he writes: "The priestly
      (spiritual) supremacy of the Church resides with Moran Mor Ignatious
      Patriarchese who sits on the Throne of Antioch".

      You also have to keep in mind, the Vattesseril Thirmeni lived about
      30 more years after he wrote 'Madopadesa Saarangal'. It was
      republished again during the time of Geevarghese II Bava (the only
      Catholicose who could close his eyes seeing peace in Malankara).
      Vattesseril Thirumeni nor Geevarghese II Bava didnt change anything
      in this book.

      In 2003, almost 100 years after he wrote it, the current IOC
      leadership edited this book and removed the above sentence and
      published it.

      Now a days the following is what IOC teaches: "the spiritual powers
      of the Patriarch of Antioch in Malankara, has diminished to a
      vanishing point".

      So the current day IOC is not following the catechism of the church
      as written by Vattasheril Thirumeni.

      In Christ,
      Mathew G. M
      St. John's Church, Ayyampally

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Thomas P wrote:
      > Dear Koshy,
      > The dates of ordination of how many bishops you know accurately? I
      do not remember the date of ordination of any bishop of the Orthodox
      faction, but it is our belief that they were ordained. If I made an
      incorrect statement, please pardon. I participated in the elevation
      of only one bishop, late Mar Benyamin Osthathios at Manjinikkara
      > -Thomas P
      > St. Mary Orthodox/ St. George Orthodox churches, Thumpamon
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