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Muscat St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church Silver Jubilee

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  • Biju Kurian Mathew
    Muscat St.Mary s Syrian Orthodox Church - Silver Jubilee 25 years in existence and be of service to God Almighty is not a long period to be much proud of for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2004
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      Muscat St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church - Silver Jubilee
      25 years in existence and be of service to God Almighty is not a
      long period to be much proud of for any congregation or group within
      our Church that has a history of almost 2000 years. However, being
      another country with very few Jacobite Christians down from Kerala,
      it was not easy to accomplish.
      From 1970 onwards, the Christian community was given a place to
      worship, within the heart of Oman's Capital by His Majesty Sultan
      Qaboos Bin Said. All the members of Christian community is indebted
      to him for his brave decision and religious tolerance.
      It all started with a spark within a selected few. The wish to have
      to have their own church became the main topic of discussion,
      whenever they met. The cause was more than good and prayerfully,
      they went ahead, jointly with the idea of forming, Jacobite Syrian
      Church in this country. A meeting held at the residence of
      Mr.A.K.Thomas on 16th May 1980. There were totally 18 of them
      including himself, who had participated in this meeting, St.Mary's
      Jacobite Church was formed. Around that time, H.E.Abraham Mor Clemis
      (The Late Metropolitan of Knanaya Diocese) was in the spree of
      paying parish visits outside India and on contacting him, agreed to
      visit Muscat. This resulted in performing the first Holy Eucharist
      by the Metropolitan, which was attended by 136 devoted members. He
      also officially declared our parish in Oman as St.Mary's Jacobite
      Syrian Orthodox Church on 18th of July 1980.
      H.B.Aboon Mor Baseliose Paulose II Bava (The Late) suggested the
      service of Fr.Kuriakose Moolayil (Now Very Rev.Kuriakose Cor-
      episcopa). H.H.Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Bava appointed him as the
      first vicar of the church. The first Holy Eucharist of the new Vicar
      was conducted on 13th March 1981. However prior to the arrival of
      new Vicar, we had Fr.Varghese Puliyan, Vicar of Dubai Church with us
      to take part in our maiden Christmas service of 1980. In April 1981
      H.B.Baseliose Paulose II kindly paid a visit to our parish for the
      Passion week services. The new constitution was formatted on 30th
      July 1981 and the same was sent to H.H.Patriarch of Antioch & All
      The East, immediately on receipt with his approval, it became a law.
      On 22 July 1981 a General body was convened and unanimously decide
      to build a Parsonage. It must be noted here that with less than 50
      members, this project went ahead as scheduled and was consecrated in
      December 1983.
      On 6th March 1988 H.H.Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I, blessed our parish
      by a Holy visit. The Holy Eucharist conducted at Catholic Church due
      to large crowed and space consistence. The visit of H.H. was a grand
      function and another milestone in our history.
      We felt the need to have our own place to conduct spiritual
      activities. We have unanimously decided to go fully into it and on
      17th April 1998 the foundation stone was prayerfully laid by
      H.G.Thomas Mor Themothiose. In less than 8 months, we have achieved
      our goal. On 25th December 1998 H.G.Joseph Mor Gregoriose
      consecrated a modern parsonage hall and the 1st Holy Eucharist was
      conducted therein.
      This year we are celebrating the Silver Jubilee of the Church.
      Silver Jubilee inauguration will be held on 26th August 2004 by
      H.G.Kuriakose Mor Severiose of Knanaya Diocese. Several financial
      projects have been planned to help the poor and needy. End of the
      Jubilee year will be blessed by the presence of H.H.Moran Mor
      Ignatius Zakka I Patriarch of Antioch & All The East. We have
      planned all these under the able leadership of our present Vicar
      Fr.Jose Mathew.
      Biju Kurian Mathew
      St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church - Muscat
      St.George Jacobite Church - Puthuppally
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