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Thrikkunnathu Church - Let's pray for its opening

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  • Koshy George
    Dear Friends, ���� Its very sad that Mr. Thomas P in his usual style is again trying very hard to dig into the past to justify some of his Church�����s latest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2004
      Dear Friends,  

      Its very sad that Mr. Thomas P in his usual style is again trying very hard to dig into the past to justify some of his Church’s latest announcements which even his church’s leaders privately admits as farce and insincere. Recently in his forum our Thomas P has shown a list of case filed in 1938 to justify his faction, but ignores the fact that the cases has been started much earlier by his faction itself.

      (The history of the Church cases started in 1913 when Vattasseril Thirumeni, Palapally Paulose Kathanar and Kora Kochu Korula filed a case against Paulose Mar koorilose thirumnei, Korah Mathen Malapan, C J Kurien and 3 others, claiming the amount known as Vattipanam which was in the Government treasury.)

      However considering Thomas P’s knowledge in Church history its better to pardon him taking into account that he is the person who wrote a mail to Oriental Orthodox forum that Valya thirumeni & Vattasseril thirumeni where ordained together in the same venue - as part of his justification for canonization move of Valya thirumnei by his church -, when it is a well known fact that it was Paulose Mor Koorilose Thirumeni who was ordained along with Vattasseril thirumeni in 1908 at Jerusalem. Anyhow its very sad that persons like Thomas P in MOC, even after his factions recent announcements, still lack the knowledge that Valya thirumeni was ordained only 2 years later in 1910 at Akaparamb Church.

      Anyhow I am more concerned at the predicament of the Malankara Orthodox Church who nowadays declares persons of other faith as saints of theirs. It is only natural for others to doubt the actual intention of such declarations by MOC, particularly considering that the Church where he is entombed is remaining closed under dispute and the seminary and its properties developed by saintly Valya thirumeni, now worth crores of rupees, is forcibly occupied by these MOC people lead by Mannaraprayil Achen. (MOC also enjoys the control of Mar Athanasius High School from where they get lakhs of rupees as income every year.)

      At present the Jacobite Christians are not at all concerned about these properties which has been hijacked from them in 1960’s itself in the name of farce peace of 1958; what we wants is only the small tomb Church where our beloved Valya thirumeni and other bishops are entombed. Lets hope that sooner or later, the adversaries of our Church will have the wisdom to abandon their unrealistic claim of this parish church where Valya thirumeni’s mortal remains are interred. Lets pray for that.

      Koshy George, Baroda
      Thumpamon Valiyapally.
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