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Ouseph Chettan’s ‘Kachavadum’

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  • Dr.GeorgeK John
    Dear All, I was remembering a story that was heard 40 years back at Trichur. In Trichur the Christians were brought by Shaktan Thamburan, the Cochin monarch
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2004
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      Dear All,
      I was remembering a story that was heard 40 years back at Trichur. In Trichur the Christians were brought by Shaktan Thamburan, the Cochin monarch to develop trade in the region. They had inherited the science of business and were MBA scholars of that time. Mr. Ouseph was a well known trader who usually sits at the cash chewing beetle leaves and spitting red saliva stopping in between his sermons on local incidents. However; Anthony was the efficient manager who had no time to listen to the sermons. When asked Anthony will comment that if he joins with Chettan the ‘Kachavadom’ will be zero. Anthony was indeed, proud of in his management capabilities. One day Thressi kutty his loving wife just whispered in his ear how long will he work for Ouseph chettan why can’t himself start his own ‘kachavadam’. Anthony was pondering on the advice.

      Anthony finally decided to quit his job and gave notice to Ouseph chettan which was happily accepted. A new shop was opened opposite to Ouseph’s old shop. The normal gossipers made several stories about this new incident. To make the story short Anthony could not survive long with his new shop. What went wrong? Ouseph the old stalwart in business could not be surpassed by a new manager who could not understand the under current of the trade. A good manager could not be a good owner of the business.

      We all know Jesus the God wanted to bring the Kingdom of God in the earth. His prayer to His Father was ‘Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven’. He established Church to become the kingdom of God in earth. He entrusted His disciples to expand it and nurture it till His second coming.

      Centuries have passed the management of the ‘kingdom of God’ in the earth was changed to similar to the ‘kingdom of world’. The administrative tools of world governments were practiced in Church also. The real owners of the church, the ordainees of God became signatories and the elected managers became the real administrators of the church. We witness the effects of such reformation in the church.

      If any one wants to become a member of the church he has to submit several documents and testimonials. If any faithful needs a liturgy even for his burial he has to pay all the dues to the church. If he goes to His temple to pray the policeman will stop him and show the closed doors of the holy place. If he attends the queen of the liturgies and wishes to meditate for some time sitting silently several meetings, shouting and debates make it impossible for him.

      What went wrong? Have we changed the Lord’s Prayer to ‘our will be done in heaven as we do on earth’. The only answer that is visible is the last lamenting words of Yeldod Aloho at the time of crucifixion ‘why you left yourself in the hands of robbers’.

      A humorous gentle man commented once it is written in Bible ‘God will grow wicked like a long palm tree and the same for righteous man also’.

      One can agree to that any way there is a shift in the administration/management of the church to day. We sincerely pray to see the kingdom of God; but the kingdom of world is being created in the church.

      With humble prayers,

      Dr.GeorgeK John, Sharjah
      St Gregorios Orthodox Church, Sharjah
      St.Peter & St.Paul Jacobite church Pengamuck
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