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Shlom lekh bthoolto Mariam

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  • Paul Reji
    Dear Brothers We are remebering the dormition of most blessed lady in this week. That is why we are obaserving 15 day Lent. The church has reduced the number
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2004
      Dear Brothers

      We are remebering the dormition of most blessed lady in this week. That is why we are obaserving 15 day Lent. The church has reduced the number of days from 15 to 5 for those people who find difficult to observe 15 days.

      No one needed be told about the power of saints in intercession. And St. Mary as a saint is beyond parallel. Have we thought how blessed she is ? Our Lord cured lots of people. Even persons who touched his dress were cured. If we could see Lord Christ now how happy we will be, because we could fall on the feet and ask for curing so many sickness we have , miseries we have. How many people go to Jesusalem just to see that path Lord walked.

      Now we have this lady who was blessed not to touch Lord, but to carry Him for 9 months , kiss him all the time , feed him , be with him for 30 years. ( I have always wondered whom did Lord looked like? He should have looked like His mother )

      We all know the suffering of the Lord. But there is a suffering of St.Mary too. She was virgin with vows who lived in the temple. But she became pregnant. The she is about to deliver the Almighty God. But she had to deliver the Most Powerful with no help in a cattle shed. She might have hugged the infant to protect from cold , rain or even flys? Then the king trys to kill the baby's and how she ran to egypt in secrecy to save the baby. Just imagine how she was
      running away from the soldiers, hiding , with heavey heart and finaly living in starnge place. How was her life as young 14 year old mother trying to protect baby from a King and his soldiers ? No man can imgine this. And only few mothers can think of it. Because if you take any mother now, there is no mother who went through what she has gone through. After all this , she brings up her only child and then she has to see the mose of saddeing sight for a mother.

      she has to see her own son in the cross, persecuted and insulted by every one. The song during Good friday service .."sleeba ..." is hearbreaking.

      In the cross, Lord, thought about His mother and entrusts her to His most beloved disciple St. John. saying "Behold your mother".(John 19:27)Church believe that at this time, she became mother of all the faithfuls, including me and you.

      She lived only 6 more years after our Lords crusification . She lived with St. John the Ephsesus. ( from my math she might have died at age of 54)

      In the scriptures she made only one request to Lord and it was granted. Millions of faithfuls all over the world will testify that she has made much more requests to the Lord and they all were granted. She is a forte for us and model for us in her humilty, faith , dedication, and love.

      Now it is our time for us to show our affection, love and respect to the mother of all whom the Lord loved most ( I am sure ).

      Bothers join the church in hororing our mother of God, from at least 10th to 15th.


      Many people think that her memory is from Sept 1 to Sept 8. Some others have told me that they take Lent on Sept 1-8. But this (Now) is the canonical Lent for hororing this Queen.

      Paul Philipose
      St. Iganatious SOC, Dallas
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