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IOC member's violent remarks of holy bishops

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  • T M Chacko
    Dear all, Few IOC members these days struggles a lot to mislead their innocent faithful through their imaginative stories. Though many of our forum members
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2004
      Dear all,

      Few IOC members these days struggles a lot to mislead their innocent faithful through their imaginative stories. Though many of our forum members knew that there lectures are baseless, there may be at least a few who blindly believe these fake stories. Repeating a lie thousand times may confuse and convince a few, but not all and not always.

      Lately when a person in IOC forum asked about the morality of one of their bishops entering the jurisdiction of another in their American diocese (the letter was aimed at the fight between Makarios, Nicholovos and Mar Barnabas supporters of IOC in America), one Mr. Thomas p’s reply was something very
      different. While explaining, he diverted from the core issue and in his usual style targeted Holy Patriarch Yakub III, former delegate Mar Aphrem Thimothios Aboodi and others. Now Mr. Thomas could be thinking that he had successfully fooled others. But how far is he successful?

      Contrary to the arguments raised by him, what happened in 1970’s was quite different. As we all know, it has became a compulsion to reorganize our Church at that time because of the heinous and unchristian attempts of a few based at Devalokam who wanted to snatch everything from the faithful and their parishes. For the achievement of their desires, the former vattsseril faction found that all the right thinking persons in Malankara has to be silenced first. For that the first thing they tried to do was to make the Malankara Syrian Jacobites leaderless.

      Since it was only Aboodi Metropolitan who was a non-native, it was easy to target him. The powerful lobby led by Manorama group cancelled the visa of the Metropolitan with the help of key persons in the State and central governments.

      But what IOC failed to realize at that time was that they were repeating the same mistakes the English people had done a century back. Both these English and devalaokam groups managed to threw out the delegates from India thinking that they could demoralize the Syrian Christians, but the later history in both the cases describes to us the rising up of the downtrodden against the immoral activities of rich and influential.

      As everyone knew, it was under the bad influence of his supporters, the aged Catholicos Mar Augen I had issued instructions not to receive Mor Thimotheos Aphrem Aboodi in any Church in India. (Within a short period he was dethroned by his successor, who in turn also had the same fate one and half decade later).

      This unreasonable circular was totally ignored by a greater number of churches, especially in Kottayam and north. They in turn arranged special reception to the Aboodi Metropolitan and also kindly requested the devalokam leadership from withdrawing that circular. Though Manorama faction appeared to be temporarily successful in this period through the sending back of the Metropolitan, every political mileage they managed to garner in the beginning got negated as there was only a section to support them.

      People who came to Majanikkara to bid farewell to Aboodi Thirumeni in 1974 still remember the words of the great Metropolitan who said; “Aboodi is going; but I assure you – if one Aboodi goes, five Aboodies will be here to safeguard the Holy faith”. That was really a prophecy !!. No delegate came back, but the faithful came forward fearlessly.

      It was a GREAT MOVEMENT by the Syrian Jacobites which is similar to the period of Coonen Curiz Sathyam when the "parankikal" tried to wipe out the Jacobite faith from this part of the world.

      Thousands and thousands of faithful accompanied their beloved Metropolitan and tearfully bid farewell to him at the Cochin Airport. The 20th century fanatics of vattasseril faction, like some of their ancestors, could boast that they could persecute and send back delegates from Antioch. But it took no time to convince them that faithful millions and many of the churches would leave them as masters of some churches in the southern part of Kerala.

      T M Chacko,
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