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Re: Catholic magazine against the bad practices in the MOC election

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Few thoughts on these questions 1. Why should we explain how Malankara Catholic Church elects their bishops?We were interested in IOC election only because
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2004
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      Few thoughts on these questions

      1. Why should we explain how Malankara Catholic Church elects their bishops?We were interested in IOC election only because those who won the election will definitely be the new recruits to the squad of closing down our churches.So we should at least know the name & face.

      2. We (at least I do) believe that the Pope or Patriarch who is an heir to the Princely Throne is selected by God and the faithful are mere instruments in elevating the particular person to the foremost rank of episcopacy. Same is the case with Catholicose,Bishop & Cor-episcopa and should be same with all other ranks of ecclesiastic dignity.We in India had been made to realize recently that the conventional concept of democratic elections which we follow could only help in the enthronement of those people who could never even think sensibly and for the citizens..forget ruling us.Along with this naked truth,if we could receive news paper ads and election manifestoes from bishop candidates, I would definitely support JSOC deviating away from that democracy...Let Mr.Karackkel have all that pride to himself and his church,as he claimed in Surya TV.

      3. Now comes the question of being fair....

      Who is fair even in thoughts?Forget reporting then....Is Manorama fair in reporting church issues & cases?Ok forget it,atleast is that daily fair in matters related to human rights?

      Why were we fed with ISRO scandal?Was that only to oust leader and to place Antony & Chandy?

      Why are we fed with beautiful cooked up stories of 'paki-peace-talks'?Was it meant to glamourize UPA govt?

      Why are we fed with atleast one news column related with IOC every day?Is it just a hint that they dominate the print?

      Why are we seeing mails from different people in all other forums openly attacking JSOC?Not even that,why we are still mentioned as Dinosyus Group in all those mails..(but that definitely gives an identity..thanks for that)?The only fair thing related to all these is that we are just ignoring all those.We wont reply (most of the times dont even read) for all those fantasies..we are here and we will be here is a reality.You have to live with it.

      Is CNN 'fair' in feeding the US people with news outside the US continent?

      So..being fair is an illusion.You have the right to express.Left to others who read or hear or see to determine on what they conceive from the same.

      4. Christian Approach is definitely good terminology..I can suggest more. Universal Christian Brotherhood, Christian Civic Fellowship , Christian Light for Society etc etc...I would like to add few more interesting usages here Orthodox Christian Movement,Save Orthodox Forum,Christian Fasting Protest..etc etc..

      Hope I had made myself explicit and clear on all that I wanted to convey.... moderationists and peacekeepers please excuse.

      [Alex Jojo Joseph
      St.Mary's JSO Cathedral, Queen's Road, Bangalore
      St.George JSO Chapel, Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla]
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