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Re: Remission and omission/ignorance of Syrian Orthodox tradition

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  • Kuriakose George
    Refer the posting of Mr. PV Eldo and Mr. John Mancha regarding the remission and omission/ignorance of Syrian Orthodox tradition which are very much now in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7 2:11 AM
      Refer the posting of Mr. PV Eldo and Mr. John Mancha regarding the remission
      and omission/ignorance of Syrian Orthodox tradition which are very much now in existence in Malankara Churches . It is a open fact that since the churches are flooded with money , lavishly spending it for court cases, festivals, fireworks, painting and decoration, politics ( the style of election campaign, bishop selection, clergies openly supporting political parties) etc. Where will they get time to teach the correct practices to the younger generations. In this context I post a question, which never answered. ( lost in material discussion - Mor �N�. never given accounts for few dollars????????) . May repeat my question once again

      "What is the correct body posture one should have in attending /receiving
      the Holy Qurbano?"

      I have noticed most people attend Holy Qurbano with hands interlocked in front? Some body interlock hands at back as if they are watching a game/drama. Some people attended in Indian Style � folded hands�.

      Churches in kerala, so called influential people ( like trustee, committee members, rich persons etc) either come at the middle of the service or if they come early they are confined with elaborate personal /political/church case discussions at the courtyard of the church/church offices. The new trend in India, the Urban flocks carrying mobile phones in churches, which is on in the middle of service.. If you are late for the service , names for Remberance in Holy Qurbano passed on thru church telephones (Outsourcing like recent incident like British football captain outsourced his prayer for victory in Euro 2004 thru RC priest at Trichur) . I head that centuries old timing of mid night services have also being altered at Kerala ( even though people are more comfortable to reach the churches today since most of them are having own conveyance � my childhood we used to walk 2 kms to church in the midnight).. Today the sad plight of the church is that nobody there to correct them. Since this type of disrespect and departure of traditions forced me write this and I feel , we require correct directions from the spiritual heads. Are we heading towards /preaching spiritual salvation or material benefits ? HERE WE REQUIRE A SPRITUAL HEAD LIKE METROPOLITAN, HB, HH ETC. NOT IN STREET/COURT/POLICE STATIONS AND ARAMANAS

      My request to all members their posting/discussions should be more informative for upkeep the traditions/ values of Syrian Church than to explore the century old infights in the churches , (which I do not think never ends and forced the flocks to disintegrate due to ignorance.)..

      Needless to say, articles like � Importance of Matrimony/ life /character, day today common problems, Good advises,moral stories, etc are the need of hour. Hope the learned members will take care of this point.

      Kuriakose George
      St. James Orthodox church , MV �III , New Delhi
      St. Mary�s Jacobite Syrian Church, Marady, Muvattupuzha
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