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Clarification from ICON Moderators

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  • Oommen Kappil
    Dear SOCM Moderators, The following message posted in your forum was brought to our attention. Since it contained inaccurate statements you the Moderators made
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2004
      Dear SOCM Moderators,

      The following message posted in your forum was brought
      to our attention. Since it contained inaccurate statements
      you the Moderators made about us, we would like to
      respond. Kindly publish this message on your forum to
      clarify our position.

      We get many letters on various topics from our
      readers. Some members request answers from our Bishops. (Not all
      our Bishops are on our mailing list; still we try our best to
      The answers for genuine questions.) Some of those
      questions at times need personal response from authorities or
      persons involved. Recently we got a letter from Ms. Lincy
      requesting clarification of our Church's stand. We felt Mar
      Nicholovos could answer her, and we contacted Thirumeni. HG was
      Gracious enough to answer any questions, and we provided
      Thirumeni's e-mail id and requested her to contact Thirumeni
      However, we did not get any intimation from Lincy
      after the response from Nicholovas Thirumeni. Our
      first knowledge of the response from Nicholovas
      Thirumeni was after the message on your forum.

      Our intention was sincere when we tried our best to
      get Ms. Lincy's questions answered by the right individual. We
      are puzzled by your statement implying that Ms. Lincy wrote to
      you that we refused to publish Thirumeni's response, which we
      never got from her. Had we got her request to publish a private
      response she got from another person, we would not have
      published it anyway, since it is unethical to publish a private
      correspondence in a public forum without that person's consent.

      We will be grateful if you could check the facts with us in the
      future before you make inaccurate statements about our forum. We
      believe that you want to publish the truth. Kindly let us know
      if you have any questions on this matter. Thank you in advance
      for publishing this clarification.

      In Christian Fellowship
      Indian (Christian) Orthodox Network (ICON)

      > **********************************************
      > SOCM Moderators wrote:
      > > ==================================================
      > > From the Desk of the Moderators
      > >
      > > Following is an email exchange between Ms. Lincy
      > > Thomas and Mor Nicholovos
      > > Thirumeni of IOC (excommunicated Bishop of
      > Universal
      > > Syriac Orthodox Church).
      > > Ms. Lincy is identified as a member of St.
      > Gregorious
      > > Orthodox Church, Madras.
      > > She wished to post this in Indian Orthodox Forum
      > but
      > > was declined by the forum
      > > moderators and thus she forwarded it to the
      > > SOCM-Forum. We are publishing it in
      > > the public interest with our comments (Foot Note)
      > > along with the Excommunication
      > > encyclical from HH.
      > >
      > >
      > > A letter to Mor Nicholovos
      > >
      > > Dear Thirumeni -
      > >
      > > I am really thankfull that you decided to help me
      > > clear my questions. ....
      From the desk of moderators-SOCM:

      Dear Brothers in Christ,
      Thank you for clarifying your stand and the mail to SOCM forum.
      We didn't intend to say that Indian Orthodox Church forum declined to
      publish Nicholovas Thirumeni's message, but we mentioned that Lincy's
      original message was declined by the Indian Orthodox Church moderators.

      We have received a mail from Ms. Lincy Thomas showing that one Ms. Sumam
      Thomas, identified as Indian Orthodox Church forum moderator, declined
      to publish her message. If you require the copy of it we will be happy
      to forward it to you.

      We apologise, if our message sounded like, declining to publish Nicholovas
      Thirumeni's message by Indian Orthodox Church moderators. We were mentioning
      about Lincy's original message not publishing in the Indian Orthodox Forum
      and not about Nicholovas Thirumeni's message.

      We have the copy of Ms Lincy's e mail as a proof if you want us to forward
      it to you or publish it in the forum. We request you to kindly avoid twisting
      the messages.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact
      us at SOCM-FORUM-owner@yahoogroups.com

      In Our Lords Love,
      Forum Moderators
      SOCM forum
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