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Interpretation of the Holy Bible - St.Matthew : lesson 6

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    The time of birth is described in Luke 2:1 to 3 And in those days it occurred, that a decree went forth from Augustus Caesar, that all the people of his
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      The time of birth is described in Luke 2:1 to 3
      "And in those days it occurred, that a decree went forth from
      Augustus Caesar, that all the people of his dominion should be
      enrolled" ( Luke 2;1)
      How did the Roman emperor become the ruler of Palestine?
      We have discussed about the Babel exile before. That is from the
      time of Alexander the great started the Greek rule. (From BC 333 to
      167 BC).Then the Macabians or The hasmonean dynasty up to BC 63.
      Maccabean revolt opens way for Jewish independence in Jerusalem and
      the surrounding area. The revolt is led by Mattathias and his five
      sons, Judas (Maccabeus), Jonathan, Simon, John and Eleazar. The era
      of independence runs from about 166-63 BC. At this time Roman
      general Pompey conquers Jerusalem in BC 63. It was a practice
      to have a census taken in the Roman rule. Every one had to be
      enrolled in the city of their tribes. Bethlehem was the city of
      David. Both Joseph and Mary belong to David's tribe. So they
      traveled from north, Nazareth of Galilee in the North to Bethlehem in
      Judea, which was 85 miles south of Nazareth. Through Samaria.
      Luke ( 2:7)
      "And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in
      bandages, and laid him in the stall; for they had no place where they
      could lodge"
      Because there was no place in the lodge they had move to a stall.
      Thus the poor stall received the great honor that should have been
      with some lodge. Adam sinned and lost his Godly character and fell
      into animal like character. Here now the Lord stays with animals
      to amend for that fall.

      Luke 2:8-9)
      "And there were shepherds in that region, who abode there and kept
      watch of their flocks by night.".
      The shepherds do not own the sheep's. But their master does. But
      they are very vigilant about the flocks. That means they were very
      responsible to their master and committed to their flocks. Thus for
      people who work according to the call of the Lord, will get heavenly
      glory, voice and blessings. The church fathers teach us that The
      Angel who delivered the message was Gabriel. .

      It was the shepherds who heard the birth of Lord lamp. They were
      told, "Fear not" as the first message. So we can see that the Lord
      birth was for delivering from the fear too. The declaration
      that "great joy, which will be to all the world." Is very hearty
      about an incident that happened in one remote corner of the world.

      (Luke 2:10)
      "For there is born to you this day a deliverer, who is the Lord
      Messiah, in the city of David". These words contain all hope for the
      world. 1) The one who is born is the Lord Messiah that came from Home
      of the David 2) he is a king who is the deliverer (Mathew 2:2: Luke

      The heavenly song at the time of Birth

      (Luke 2; 14 )
      "Glory to God in the highest [heavens], and on earth peace and good
      hope for men". After 2000 years why peace has not come on earth?
      Most likely it is because we did not give Glory to God. The behavior
      of the shepherds needs special mention. They did not sent one among
      them to get more information. The all went together. So we all
      should go the God's presence not as representatives but as full

      (Luke 2:19) : "And Mary laid up all these things, and pondered them
      in her heart". That means all this revelations by the Angels, Birth,
      Fleeing to Egypt and going to the temple etc. St. Mathew and St.
      Luke should have got all these information about childhood of our
      Lord from St. Mary

      Birth Place � Bethlehem
      Literal meaning is House of the Bread. (Beth = house, Lehem refers to
      bread) It is the city of King David. It contains the shrine of
      Rachel. Bethlehem is located five and half miles south from
      Jerusalem. It is initial name was Ephrata, which means fertile. It
      was here that Samuel anointed David as king. (1 Samuel 16:1-13).
      Rehoboam built this a great city. (2 Chronicles 11:4-6). The Church
      of the Nativity, which Emperor Constantine's mother, queen Helen
      built in 326AD is here. Emperor Justinian built the present structure
      in the early sixth century. (The Gospel of Luke reports that Jesus
      was born in a manger because there was no room in the inn. The Gospel
      of Matthew mentions a house where Joseph and Mary were staying when
      the Magi arrived. However, the second-century Palestinian writer
      Justin Martyr noted that this manger was located in a cave. Helen was
      shown a cave outside the city of Bethlehem, where early traditions of
      the Christian community had localized the place of Jesus' birth)

      The objective of His birth was
      1. To fulfill the prophecy. " The woman's off spring will strike
      your head " (Gen 3:15).
      2. He did not come for ministering but to pay ransom
      3. And for the life of the world
      4. He came searching, not the just but the sinners. (2 Timothy)
      5. Because of the love of God
      6. To teach all that He learned from the Father
      7. To show good model to human beings
      8. To recoup the divine nature lost by Adam for humanity (St.
      9. To convert man into god, God became man (St. Gregory
      10. To establish the church as the continuation of his
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